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Get To Know: Amber Nova

It’s been awhile since we’ve featured one of these, but here we are again. Wanting to get a look at fresh faces in women’s wrestling, it’s time we… ‘Get to Know’ them.

Today we managed to get a hold of someone who has been ‘POPping’ on ‘TV’ recently (shoot me). With a little over a years experience in her kit, let’s introduce you all to Amber Nova. Amber has appeared for GFW/Impact Wrestling on the rare occasion, and looks to make an even bigger mark. We asked her some questions and here’s what she had to say.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us Miss Nova. Would you mind tell us a little about who you are for those who don’t know of you?

Thank you for the interest and interview! I’m the Classic Car Driving Pro Wrestler, Amber Nova! I came with a Nova and a dream. I drive a 1973 Chevy Nova, I change my own oil and no you cannot drive it. 

When’d you first become attracted to this weird world of professional wrestling?

I first became attracted to wrestling by watching with my Dad since I was kid. I’ve always had an interest and it’s never left me. 

So how did you manage to get your first steps into the industry, and what would you say some of your biggest challenges and obstacles have been since you’ve started? 

My first steps into this industry were knowing I had to leave everything behind, family, home, career job and move to where I would get the best opportunity for wrestling… which has also been my biggest obstacles. Moving to Orlando alone with no friends or family to fall back on but myself. 

How would you describe your character & in-ring style to those who have never seen your work?

In ring, I’m visually smaller than the rest, but I’m a tough, small woman. The job isn’t over until I’ve tried every tool in my box. I’m trained in traditional pro wrestling style and with a Lucha style thrown in to help accommodate with my size. 

Can you name us any inspirations throughout your career? Favourite Wresters? Men or Women? Anyone outside of wrestling perhaps?

My passion has driven me this far not just my car. My determination is my passion so wrestling is my drive. I am the daughter of a mechanic and that has fuelled my in ring character. My family have always given me my hope to succeed in anything I imagine. Wrestlers that have been inspirations to me to name a few are Goldberg and Sting and it truly has been wonderful to see them back these past few years. Also Lita, Victoria, Luna, Madusa, AJ Lee, Sasha, Booker T. and others.

Now quite a few times this year, you have been featured for Global Force Wrestling, formerly Impact Wrestling/TNA-Total Nonstop Action. With being so fresh into the wrestling industry, what is it like to have the opportunity to showcase yourself to a televised audience and to one like GFW?

Now is a gifted time for womens wrestling. And I’m blessed with my opportunities and experiences coming up in this time. I train several times a week. Train in the ring, gym and I work many shows to get my experience. I moved to Orlando only for wrestling so luckily GFW is right down the road and I’ve been fortunate enough in my young career to get noticed by them.

What are your future goals you hope to reach in your future? Becoming an official GFW Knockout perhaps? Maybe any other promotions? I hear of one in your residence (Florida) that literally has your name written all over it, if you know the one I am referring to perhaps…

It would be great to be GFW Knockout Champion however there’s a lot of opportunity out there and the ultimate goal is WWE. I think I know what promotion you are talking about. I would love to work for Shine and I’m working on it. There is a title out there with my name actually on it and Priscilla Kelly, I’m coming for it! My goals are to become a better competitor like my trainers, mentors and seminars I’ve been thankful to learn from such as Chasyn Rance, Aaron Epic, Lince Dorado, Hector Guerro, William Regal, Saraya Knight, Glacier, Scott Hall, Larry Zybsko, Marty Jannetty, Ivelisse

Any up-coming shows you’d like to promote for people to see you at? 

Yes thank you. 

Coastal Championship Wrestling Sept. 9th  Coral Springs, Florida 

Atomic Wrestling Entertainment  Sept. 15th Cocoa Expo Center, Cocoa, Florida

Platinum Pro Wrestling  Sept. 16th  Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I Believe in Wrestling Sept. 22 Orlando, Florida

Big Time Wrestling / Riot October 1st Melbourne, Florida

More in-between as well, but I’m excited about my out of state booking for…

Elite Wrestling Entertainment October 29th In Phoenix Arizona

Me vs Hudson Envy!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us Amber! How can the Diva-Dirt reader follow up on your future activities? You have any Social Media links for them to follow and such?

Thanks for the interview and if you wanna run away, I can give you a ride. I’m a one way ticket to your darker side.

Follow me here

Instagram: @Novagirl73 

Twitter: @Nova_Girl1973

YouTube: @AmberNova


Thanks once again to Amber Nova for chatting to us. We hope she succeeds in everything she sets out to do.

But what do you guys think? Have we introduced you to your new favourite wrestler? Impressed? Want to know more? Or maybe you have any suggests for who we can ‘Get To Know’ next? Make sure to comment below!

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