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Get to Know: Arianna Reardon (aka Arianna Diamond)

‘Get to Know’ is a new Diva Dirt column where we get to know some of the up and coming ladies of the squared circle! You may have recently read our interview with journalist-turned wrestler Elena Pogosyan, and now we have another one for you to check out!

Diva Dirt recently sat down with up and coming wrestler Arianna Reardon, also known as Arianna Diamond! is a talented star ready to find her place in the industry. Having auditioned for Tough Enough, she built a small community of supporters and is constantly improving on her in-ring work every day.

During the interview we asked Diamond about her Tough Enough audition, wrestling goals and more.

When and why did you get into wrestling?

I started watching wrestling in 2013 because of my little brother. I just started playing with the action figures and the video game with him, and, also, started watching it all the time with him. After that, I realized the mixture of athleticism and acting that goes into wrestling and instantly fell in love! That’s when I knew that wrestling was my calling. I’ve always considered myself an athlete and I’ve always loved acting, too. I finally started pursuing my dream of becoming a professional wrestler in October 2016.

How would you describe your wrestling style/gimmick?

I don’t really have a defined style of wrestling, I consider myself pretty versatile. My ring name is going to be Arianna Diamond, and I’m the queen of everything. Basically, I’m incredibly girly, but, I have no issue throwing down for a fight. I back up everything I say, I talk tough and I am tough. Arianna Diamond is Arianna Reardon turned up about 1,000 notches.

With the current era of women’s wrestling being so diverse, what exactly differentiates you from others?

One thing that will differentiate me from other women wrestlers will be the clothes I wear and the way I do my hair and makeup. I’m finalizing my ring gear right now and I’m really excited about it. I’m going to make it unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before. I also think that my mic skills differentiate me from others. I love cutting promos, I put a lot of effort into them. Not only do I look the part, but, I can also play the part as well. I haven’t seen anyone use the idea of being a Diamond yet and I’m going to be the first one.

What are your ultimate wrestling goals?

Like most professional wrestlers, my ultimate wrestling goal is to make it into the WWE one day. However, I just want to be able to make wrestling my career, which I plan on making happen. I love this sport so much, I know that this is truly my calling.

Which wrestlers of the present do you aim to wrestle with one day?

I would love to work with Charlotte Flair, she’s at the top of my list! I love her so much, she’s honestly my biggest inspiration in wrestling. I’d also love to wrestle with Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss, both of them are such bad asses in their own way! It’d be an amazing opportunity to be able to get into the ring with them.

If you could wrestle one woman from the past eras of wrestling, who would it be and why?

Definitely Trish Stratus! She’s so talented. I love how she was this gorgeous model but she was such a bad ass when she stepped into the ring! She’s a huge inspiration to me.

Where can our readers watch your matches?

Some of my matches will be on my YouTube page, and any other ones that people can view I’ll give them the links on my Instagram and Twitter. I’m not sure exactly when my next match will be, but I’m hoping it’ll be in June sometime.

Where can our readers find you on social media?

Instagram and Twitter: (3 underscores)

Snapchat: ariannareardon


Your YouTube channel is very intriguing and personal. What made you start it?

Thank you! I started my channel when I decided I was going to compete in a fitness competition. I figured it would be fun to document my progress towards my competition, which then translated over to documenting my progress towards my wrestling dream! I’m so glad that I have the videos that I do because I’ll be able to go back and relive certain memories forever.

You also auditioned for Tough Enough. What made you go down that path to get to the WWE and what was your reaction to being rejected?

When I first found out about Tough Enough I figured that I had nothing to lose by auditioning. After all, being a professional wrestler is my dream. I knew it was going to be tough because anyone could audition for it, but, I took my chances anyway. I don’t remember how long it was after I submitted my audition video, but, I was watching Thursday night Smackdown with my family and a commercial for Tough Enough came on and I was featured in it! I went and looked on the website after that and saw that I was the featured video on the homepage of the website, and I was #1 under the category “Dominating Divas”! It was incredible! I thought that maybe, after all, I had a pretty good shot because of that. When I didn’t get selected, it hurt a little bit. I won’t lie about that. I thought because I was featured on so many commercials and my video had done so well on the website that I had a decent shot. I didn’t let that stop me though. Instead, I let it fuel my fire even more. That’s when I started to look at wrestling schools and took the initiative to really get involved in wrestling and start pursuing my dream. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I wasn’t ready back then, and, if I get the opportunity to go to WWE now, I’ll be ready. My advice to anyone pursuing their dreams would be to not let fear of rejection or rejection itself get in your way. There may be times when you stumble, you fall, and things get messed up. Don’t let that stop you. If it’s what you really want, go after it until you get it. Everyone deserves a happy ending.

We had a wonderful time chatting with this up and coming star! Be sure to watch this space (and hers) for more interviews with the newer ladies of the squared circle!
How do you feel about Arianna? Do you know anything about her? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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