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GFW Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: August 10th, 2017

Tonight on GFW Impact Wrestling, the GFW Knockouts Champion Siennais looking for answers and an opponent one week shy from their special live episode of Destination X.

Read’s preview to tonight’s show below:

“The Unified GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna wants answers. She wants these answers from Karen Jarrett and Sienna plans on shutting down IMPACT until she gets these answers. Sienna has told IMPACTWrestling.Com that she will start the show in the ring and will demand that Karen Jarrett join her and tell her exactly who she will be facing at Destination X. Will Karen Jarrett answer to Sienna? We know these two have not seen eye to eye since they first met, but now Sienna is demanding answers from management and that usually doesn’t go very well, neither does calling out Karen Jarrett.”

Tune in to Impact Wrestling tonight at 8pm ET on POP TV!.

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