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GFW Impact Write-Up (July 27th, 2017): Sienna leaves Rosemary down for the count

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s GFW Impact Write-Up. The GFW Knockouts Champion Sienna has hands full this week as she defends her title against Rosemary in a Last Knockout Standing match! Finally we’ve swapped out of those idle squash matches! Thanks again Mrs. Jarrett.

Even though Rosemary is now fighting on the side of good, she still knows how to make an intense entrance, sporting a new hooded cape and mask for this match! Long live the Hive Queen!

Sienna comes out next and is accompanied by her cousin KM. The champion sets foot to the ring apron but is met with a big boot by Rosemary before she can make a full entrance. Rosemary sends the champion headfirst to two turnbuckles and then takes her down with a suplex.

Rosemary decides to head out of the ring in search of a table that she carefully sets up against a ring corner. With the table in place, Rosemary turns her attention back to Sienna and whips her to the tabled corner but Sienna is able to reverse, avoiding any crash.

Sienna jabs away at Rosemary and connects a Samoan Drop that begins to leave Rosemary down for a count of seven. Sienna uses this time to slide out of the ring where she sets up a table at a corner on the outside.

Chairs are brought in the match next, courtesy of Sienna. Rosemary manages to grab one of the them and uses it to defend herself against Sienna, who happens to re-enter the ring with a chair of her own.

After the swinging chair stalemate causes both Knockouts to drop their weapons, the action spills to the outside and into the Impact Zone crowd! Rosemary rails Sienna’s face through a fenced gate and then applies a tarantula hold. Hey, its all legal right? Even if Sienna decides to tap out. The crowd is fully behind Rosemary as we head to a break.

When we return, Rosemary remains on the hunt as the Knockouts make their way back to the six sided ring. Sienna wins back control of the match after taking out Rosemary with a big clothesline and then maneuvering the challenger to the ring apron to hit the AK47 that causes Rosemary to crash to the outside ring! Ouch!

Rosemary is able to pull through and get to her feet before acting referee Brian Stifler’s ten count. Sienna tries to put Rosemary down with her Silencer finisher but Rosemary counters out by hitting Sienna with a chair! Rosemary isn’t finish as she goes on to hit Sienna with the Red Wedding onto the chair! The impact lays out both women but Rosemary is able to get to her feet. Sienna does so as well after an interfering KM enters the ring to help his cousin get back up.

Rosemary slides to the outside in search for another weapon from under the ring. She finds a trash can places it against Sienna, who is recuperating against the table corner. Rosemary climbs the top rope of a turnbuckle but KM interferes again when he jumps to the ring apron.

Rosemary is able to rid of him with a green mist but the small distraction allows for Sienna to get up, throw the trash can to Rosemary and send her crashing to the table that was set up earlier outside of the ring. Sienna rolls out of the ring to her feet, barely making it to the ten count while Rosemary stays down defeated. Sienna retains the GFW Knockouts title!

Check out both Rosemary and Sienna’s reaction to their Last Knockout Standing match during Impact’s Last Word feature.

Karen Jarrett also commented on the match and noted that there will be repercussions for KM’s interference next week.

In other Knockouts related segments, Grado and Joseph Parks continue their scheme of having Grado propose to Laurel Van Ness in an attempt to avoid deportation.

Grade heads to the ring in all suited up in a less than stellar orange tux. He invites Laurel to the ring and out comes out the broken bride much to Sienna’s objection.

Grade compliments Laurel on her beauty, talent and their ‘connection’. With all that said, he pops the question. Out of nowhere, we spy Allie on the ring apron and cheering on the idea of another potential wedding for Laurel. One person who isn’t psyched on of this is Laurel’s ex-fiancee Braxton Sutter.

He grabs Allie away and the two head backstage. Hmm, is there trouble in paradise for Allie and Braxton? Laurel never gets to officially respond to Grado’s proposal as Kongo Kong interrupts. As with last time, the Fury Beast chases away Grado and it looks like its back to square one for the ‘Keep Grado in America’ project.

Thoughts: While I can’t say this was my favorite Last Knockout Standing match, I did enjoy it overall. It was a physical match-up that had the crowd’s attention, incorporated weapons/spots, brought the GFW Knockouts title to the forefront and was such a relief to have after weeks of short/squash Knockouts matches.

KM’s interference made it feel like a two-on-one affair during key points of the match but wasn’t an overkill that completely took away from the women. Sienna has now overcome Karen’s obstacle twice, here and back at Slammiversary, which can now only feed more into Sienna’s ego. Will she continue to prove Karen wrong and earn the respect she has been asking for?

The Grado/Laurel/Kongo Kong affair was a repetitive scenario from last week. While I think the happy Allie appearance was random, I am more interested in seeing some kind of back story towards Braxton’s semi-heel attitude. Will he turn on Allie causing her to break away and be more of an active wrestler within the Knockouts division? Will Allie turn heel as well? Let the speculation begin.

What did you think of this week’s episode of GFW Impact? Were you bothered by KM’s involvement in the Last Knockout Standing match? Are you enjoying the Grado/Laurel storyline? Let us know in the comments below!

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