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GFW Impact Write-Up (September 7th, 2017): Taya Valkyrie makes an Impact

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s GFW Impact Write-Up. It’s been a newsworthy week over at GFW this week – both good and not so good. For now, let us put those stories to the side as we take a look what is in store for our Knockouts on this week’s Impact.

This week, Lucha Underground’s Taya Valkyrie makes her GFW debut and her presences is felt in the aftermath of a Knockouts tag team match featuring new gal pals Taryn Terrell and Sienna taking on the team of Gail Kim and Allie.

Ms. Taryn Terrell makes her entrance first and yes, I’m still bopping to this new theme song! The GFW Knockouts Champion is out next, as always, with her pinkies up and is accompanied by her cousin KM. Their opponents are out next – first up a bouncing Allie accompanied by Braxton Sutter followed by Gail Kim, who looks like she is ready for action coming down the entrance ramp.

Gail quickly goes after Taryn but Sienna cuts her off. She whips Gail to the ropes but Gail returns with a flying forearm that takes Sienna down. She follows up with a clothesline from the corner and a neck breaker on Sienna for a two count. Gail runs the ropes but Taryn provides a distraction when she pulls Gail by the hair allowing Sienna to take control.

The GFW Knockouts Champion lifts Gail up and drops her off the top rope. She tags in Taryn who trash talks Gail and lands in some cheap kicks. After tossing Gail head first to a second turnbuckle, Taryn tags Sienna back in.

Gail looks for a tag but Sienna prevents it and lands in a few punches to a grounded Gail. A shouting match breaks out between Allie and Sienna when Allie tries to run in to help Gail. Taryn asks for a tag but quickly tags back out after a hair yank to the mat and a swinging neck breaker on Gail.

Sienna sets Gail up for a powerbomb but Gail manages to counter it and make a much needed tag to Allie! A fired up Allie brings the fight to Sienna with flying forearms, a codebreaker and even a slice bread # 2 that earns Allie a two count over the champion. Go Allie go!

Allie begins to climb the top rope but KM interrupts when he pulls Allie by the leg. Braxton neutralizes KM and the men brawl their way to the back.

Turning back the attention to the match, we see Allie flying off the top rope and land a crossbody to Sienna. She tries to go for the pin but Sienna reverses with a pin of her own which ends up getting the three count and win.

Post match, the heels beat down on Allie and Gail but out comes the Hive Queen Rosemary to make the save! She gets off to a good start but the numbers game prove to be too much and the heels take back in control.

Suddenly, someone else makes her way down the Impact Zone – its Taya Valkeyrie! In Lucha Royalty fashion, Taya slowly approaches the six sided ring with and upon entering it, she stands across Sienna and Taryn but instead of attacking them, she blindsides Rosemary and attacks her instead.

After laying out Rosemary, the newest GFW Knockout stands tall from the second rope and looks down on Gail and Allie.

During GFW’s Last Word, Taya expresses her excitement of coming to GFW and is ready to prove why the Wera Loca is the one of the best from Mexico, Canada and Japan.

Karen Jarrett does not approve of Taya’s actions.

In the latest chapter of the Laurel Van Ness and Grado saga, ace attorney Joseph Parks advices his client Grado to break things off with Laurel upon learning she is Canadian. Going through with a wedding won’t help Grado’s visa issues and, if anything, will make it worse. So much for trying to beat the system?

An unsympathetic Grado bluntly tells Laurel the wedding is off after hugging her. He continues by telling Laurel not to cry because it’s over but smile because it happened. Heartbreak and nervous breakdown flushes over Laurel once again!

Oh and GFW promised to look into the Rosemary/Sexy Star drama from Triplemania XXV but it felt more like they were using the controversial moment to plug in other GFW stars. Eh, maybe its for the best. Sexy Star remains unapologetic about the issue, Rosemary is moving on and here we can see from more positivity from the partnership between AAA and GFW.

Thoughts: So this tag match did a couple of things. It brought in ongoing feuds (Gail/Tayn/Sienna), gave Allie a chance to show more wrestling, brought out a returning Rosemary and introduced Taya into the Knockouts division. After taking out Rosemary, we can add Taya vs . Rosemary to the list of ongoing Knockouts feuds.

I wish the Knockouts had a bit more time in this match. It was going over pretty well and it was great to see Allie begin to step up as a competitor. Taryn did the least work around here but I’m assuming this is because she is still a little rusty in the ring but she still has that uncanny characteristic.

I’ve said it before but I really think GFW missed out in pushing Allie fresh off her feud with Maria Kanellis. Yes she is still loved by fans but I feel as though she was at her peak coming off that wedding segment. Hell, she could’ve even entered into a feud with Laurel instead of having Laurel be stuck in this hopeless romantic role.

What did you think of this week’s GFW Impact? Are you excited to see Taya in the Knockouts division? Which Knockouts feud are you looking most forward to seeing? Let us know in the comments below! 





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