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Giulia loses title and her hair at STARDOM’s 10th Anniversary spectacular

STARDOM held their milestone, 10th Anniversary event Hinamatsuri All-Star Dream Cinderella at Budokan Hall on March 3rd. The show was chock full of epic-encounters and headlined by Giulia vs Tam Nakano for the Wonder of STARDOM championship in a hair vs hair match.

Giulia and Nakano are long-time rivals and their feud escalated to nuclear levels of heat and could only solved in a title match with a special stipulation.

After months of fighting over the Wonder of STARDOM title, Giulia reigned supreme but Nakano would not give in. Giulia offered Nakano one last shot at the title but only if she put her hair on the line. Nakano agreed and the main event was set.

The enemies filled the match with intense back-and-forth action as they fought tooth and nail in a spectacular battle. The two warriors told an amazing story in the ring charged with emotion. It was the perfect ending to their rivalry with Nakona finally getting her moment at STARDOM’s biggest ever show.

Nakona scored the victory with a Tiger Suplex at the 18-minute mark to become the new Wonder of STARDOM champion.

After the match, Nakano broke down in tears and couldn’t cut the hair of her nemisis. Giulia called a hairdresser to the ring the chop off her locks before she congraulated the new champion.


The other main event of the night was Utami defending the World of STARDOM Championship against Saya Kamitani. The Queen’s Quest stablemates clashed in the title match because Saya wanted to prove herself to the leader of the faction and champion, Utami.

A great match with an enthralling teacher versus student dynamic, Saya proved herself to be a future star of the company by putting up the fight of her career thus far. However, Utami’s powerhouse strength vanquished the gusty challenger as she once again showed herself to be a formidable and most worthy champion.


Mayu Iwatani defeated SEAdLING’s Yoshiko in an inter-promotional match. Iwatani proved why she is known as the “Icon of STARDOM” with an emphatic showing against the notorious Yoshiko.

Syuri successfully retained the SWA Undisputed Championship in a high-quality match against Konami.

SEAdLING’s Nanae Takahashi defeated Momo Watanabe in another excellent match.

Stars of past and present clashed in the All Star Rumble. The match featured legends such Miho Wakizawa, Mima Shimoda, Chigusa Nagayo and Emi Sakura. Unagi Sayaka emerged as the victor from the multi-women match.

Himeka and Maika successfully the Goddesses of STARDOM titles against Natsuko Tora and Saki Kashima in a solid tag team outing.

Natsupoi defeat AZM to become the new High Speed Champion in an excellent match to open the show. Natsupoi is on fire since joining STARDOM last year and it is clear the company has high hopes for her. AZM is an incredible talent and looks to be working her way up the card after the loss.

STARDOM’s Hinamatsuri All-Star Dream Cinderella 10 Anniversay show proved why they are the best women’s promotion in the world. Highly recomended viewing.

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