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GLOW, episode 9 review “I’m your daughter.”

A disheveled Bash reappears after being MIA for two weeks, showing up late for a meeting with KDTV executives and trying to throw a curveball, asking if he can shoot GLOW at a TV studio. The executives and director Sam Sylvia are unamused. When Bash tells Sam that he doesn’t have the cash to procure a venue, Sam tells the girls that GLOW is officially “on hiatus.”

Unwilling to give in, the girls decide to throw a fund-raiser to try to come up with the $9,000 needed for the venue. Unfortunately, their bikini car wash yields less than $300.

Things are looking grim when Bash tried a desperation move, bringing the girls to his mother’s “Just Say No” fundraiser, passing them off as 14 former crack addicts who found redemption through pro wrestling. Several of the wealthy right-wing attendees open their pocket books. Bash’s mother confiscates the checks but offers up a family property where he can hold the TV tapings. GLOW is officially off hiatus.

Not one to schmooze with high society folks, Sam slips off to a bedroom where he shares cocaine with the party musicians, doing lines off a framed photogram of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Sam opens up about his next movie, “Mothers and Lovers,” and starts running down aspects of the plot which, it turns out, bears several similarities to the newly released “Back to the Future.”

Sam is shattered and spends the rest of the night getting drunk and listening to albums. Justine finds him and begins to talk to him. Sam mistakes her attention for flirting and goes to kiss her when Justine cuts him off and tells her that she is his daughter, the result of a one-night stand. Sam reacts angrily, asking what she wants from him and she runs out of the room in tears.

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