Thursday, December 7, 2023

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Hard Work Pays Off For Brandi Rhodes’ AEW Debut Match

Brandi Rhodes definitely has her plate full when it comes to professional wrestling.  As the Chief Brand (Brandi) Officer for the blossoming All Elite Wrestling, Rhodes is the cornerstone for the women that are changing the pro wrestling world.

Not only that, but it is also known that Rhodes has been working in the ring.  If her debut match for AEW against Allie at Fight for the Fallen was anything to go by, one can absolutely see that Rhodes’ hard work shows.  The little things matter as Rhodes ups her game as a heel.

For example, the smug subtleness that many could guess about a brand officer, Rhodes wears well.  Her handshake with Allie exemplified that as Awesome Kong made her grand entrance at Fight for the Fallen.  The beauty of this is that Kong’s intimidating factor alone helps aid Rhodes to a victory.  A little bit goes a long way in this case.

Kong’s association with Rhodes is the insurance policy.  While Rhodes does rely on Kong outside the ring, she can take care of herself in the ring.  Rhodes’ skill set serves her just right in this stage of her career, and she’s young enough to continue to upgrade as AEW grows.  Rhodes has been open about her training, and thus the smart crowd can appreciate the time and effort she puts into wrestling.

Photo: AEW

Of course Rhodes has much room for improvement, but she could certainly fool the fans if she’s under any more pressure.  Rhodes has all the tools to exceed with her in-ring career, and it looks that she is certainly using that to her advantage. 

Rhodes knows the stakes and knows the expectation that comes with her place in AEW.  With the AEW Women’s Championship set to crown the first Champion on the first episode of their new weekly show, there is no doubt that Rhodes is a contender.  Whether or not she will be the first AEW Women’s Champion is up for debate considering the likes of Britt Baker or even Allie.  The feuds that have been established with each woman will certainly play into the Championship picture.

But until then, Rhodes’ hard work has been a treat to see.  Perhaps the growth is reminiscent of Trish Stratus, from her early days as a valet to one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.  The results of Rhodes’ time and effort is there and will continue to blossom over time.  As of this writing, Rhodes is not scheduled to have a match at All Out just yet.  But that is not to say that her presence won’t be felt at the PPV.  The Bionic Beauty is sure to have a plan that will more than likely be unveiled.

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