The Hot Mess Awards 2009


Diva Dirt readers, it’s time to get your silly on! The Hot Mess Awards are back for a second year to celebrate the best of the worst in the world of women’s wrestling this year. And this year, the power is in your hands! Instead of us picking the winners, we’re handing it over to you — to decide who or what will win a ‘prestigious’ Hot Mess Award!

EDIT: The results are in. Here are your winners for the 2009 Hot Mess Awards.

Most Dispensable Diva
The Bella Twins
Kelly Kelly
Rosa Mendes

Winner: The Bella Twins (38%)

Most Dispensable Knockout
Christy Hemme
Kristal Lashley
Lacey Von Erich
Traci Brooks

Winner: Lacey Von Erich (60%)

Worst Match of the Year
25 Diva Battle Royal (WrestleMania 25)
Jenna Morasca vs Sharmell (Victory Road)
Maryse vs Mickie James (Night of Champions)
Gail Kim vs Mickie James (Raw, August 17th)
Jillian vs Melina (Raw, October 19th)

Winner: Jenna vs Sharmell (43%)

The Jillian Award for Criminally Underused Talent
Alissa Flash
Gail Kim
Katie Lea

Winner: Katie Lea (33%)

The ‘Bitch, Please’ Award
Jenna Morasca’s entire TNA run
Maryse signing off every tweet with ‘Be sexy!’
Mickie James’ death stare after ‘that match’ with Gail Kim
Sunny blasts Lacey Von Erich on her Facebook page

Winner: Sunny blasts Lacey (31%)

The ‘WTF’ Moment of the Year
Santina wins the Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal
Mickie, Jillian & Melina flip-flop with the Divas Title
The random Diva Trade in October
Maryse in the Gobbledy Gooker outfit
Maria wins Diva of the Year at the Slammys

Winner: Santina wins ‘Miss WrestleMania’ (45%)

The Dressed in the Dark Award
The Bella Twins
The Beautiful People
Mickie James

Winner: Maria (57%)

The Cherry Award for Crimes to Womankind
The Divas, including returning Divas, get the shaft at WrestleMania 25
WWE brings in ‘Santina’ and passes off a man as a woman for several months
Cody Deaner takes the Knockouts Championship
WWE brands Mickie James ‘Piggie James’

Winner: WrestleMania 25 (38%)