Friday, December 8, 2023

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Housekeeping Notes

As you may have noticed, we’ve made a lot of changes to Diva Dirt this week in order to plan for the future and keep going forward. From launching our own Facebook and Twitter pages, taking on new staff and now we have made some subtle changes to the site too.

First off, I’m pleased to announce that Erin has agreed to become our new Managing Editor and will be taking on a really hands on approach to the behind the scenes work here at the site. Erin has been with me from day one and continues to give her all to Diva Dirt.

Secondly, we’re pleased to announce that we have hired Steven full time as a staff writer. Steven has connected really well with you guys as well as myself and Erin, we really enjoy his blogs and are thrilled that he has accepted our offer. Meanwhile, Hassan and Tara, two of the other interns will be with us for another week. Be sure to comment on their blogs and let us know what you think of their blogs. Your support helps us make our decisions and I know both of them are hoping for a full time position, like Steven.

I’m sure this will please all the potential blogistas out there: We are now accepting applications for employment all the time, rather than opening it up every now and again. To become a part of the site you can click here.

Finally all of our writers can now be contacted individually, for full contact details click here.

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