Monday, July 15, 2024

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How About a Round of Applause

A standing ovation? Or perhaps not, that’s going a little too far. I’m going to do something I very seldom do – write a feel good post. Yes, there must be a blue moon out tonight or something but I felt this Diva warranted such a post.

This will work a lot easier if you’re an avid Top Model viewer, if you’re not: be warned, this will go over your head. You know how at the end of every episode when Tyra talks to the bottom two in her condescending voice? “I have two beautiful girls standing before me. One of you, the judges felt was gorgeous and sexy but lacked confidence and was utterly crap?” Yeah, that part? Well read this with that condescending positive-but-at-the-same-time negative voice…

Here we have a Diva that two years ago couldn’t speak a lick of comprehendable English during the Diva Search in 2006. Here we have a Diva that was best known for sitting in a bath tub. Here we have a Diva that for the best part of two years, we’ve all wondered either A) “Who the hell is she?” or B) “How the fuck is she still employed?” Well over the past couple of months, Maryse has finally been given some meat to chew on – now a regular in-ring competitor and in fact, it’s hard to believe that this was the same girl who was in that bath tub two years ago. When I watched her debut match with Cherry a couple of months ago, I was pleasantly surprised by her in-ring skills and she has provided solid efforts in all the matches she’s been involved in since then. I feel Maryse’s case is all the more extraordinary than the likes of Kelly, Layla and Michelle because for the better part of two years we barely knew she existed, let alone that she could wrestle!

Okay folks, there you have it. My feel good story of the day! Do you agree or disagree? Am I just blowing hot air that Maryse is a surprisingly pleasant addition to SmackDown or do you still see her as “that girl from the Diva Search” or “the bath tub girl?”

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