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Impact 03/08/18: Allie’s golden retribution

Hola Knockouts fans… wow it’s been awhile since I’ve said that! Anyway, it’s an exciting week for Impact as they broadcast a special TV episode Impact that they’ve dubbed Crossroads! Well… at least we have a new actual live PPV to look forward to soon?

As with most of these special TV specials, championships will be on the line and for us Knockout fans, we are treated to Laurel Van Ness defending the Knockouts Championship against Allie. Quite a nice video package for a rivalry that does have a semi-year build to it. A newly confident Allie said, unlike the person a year ago, she is ready for this title opportunity and will dedicate her match to her mentor Gail Kim. We still love you, Allie and miss you, Gail!

Allie doesn’t wait for Van Ness to enter the ring – she goes after the champ from the entrance ramp! She drives Van Ness headfirst to the ring apron and lands chops to the chest. The Knockouts make their way into the ring where Allie stays in control. She sends Van Ness to the headfirst to the second turnbuckle and adds a sliding elbow.

The Impact Zone cheer on the vegan slayer as she attempts a running boot that the champion manages to avoid. Van Ness wins control by sending Allie to the ring post and then landing an elevated DDT for a two count. Van Ness goes for another cover following a running dropkick to the back but Allie stays alive.

The champion takes a moment to mock the Impact Zone, who continue to voice their support for Allie and stomps over the challenger from a corner. Allie ducks a slap to land one of her own and adds a German suplex. Van Ness slows Allie down by tripping her to the middle ring rope. She follows up by climbing the top rope but misses her attack.

Van Ness lands on her feet but gets hit with the Codebreaker! When the Knockouts get to their feet, a fired-up Allie keeps her momentum going with a corner suplex that earns her a two count. Things take a turn to the outside ring, where Van Ness drives Allie back to the ring apron.

The Champ sets Allie up on a chair and charges after her but the latter sidesteps causing Van Ness’ face to smash onto the chair. It’s now Allie’s turn to charge after a sitting Van Ness and she runs through with an elbow. Allie scoops up Van Ness but the Champion escapes and reverses into the Unprettier on the outside floor! Ouch!

Van Ness slips back in the ring and tries to pick up via count-out. Slowly but surely, Allie gets back in the ring just before the ten-second mark. Van Ness stays on Allie’s trail, hitting a Curb Stomp and covering but Allie reaches the bottom rope for a rope break.

The Champion looks for a shortcut by grabbing the Knockouts Title from the steel steps to use as a weapon but the Challenger ducks and counters with an Allie Valley Driver. Allie takes aim and hits a Superkick that puts down for the three count to win the Knockouts Championship for the second time in her career!

Post-match, Allie celebrates her win with a hug from Gail Kim.

Thoughts: Whether you’ve read the spoilers or not, the news of Laurel Van Ness/Chelsea Green’s departure from Impact Wrestling was a big indicator that she was going to eventually drop the Knockouts Championship. That’s not to take away from the match or good feel moment for Allie but situations like this are what hinder any “shock value” that Impact tries to provide.

I really thought this was one of the better Knockout matches that we’ve seen in a while. There was time dedicated to the match, fans were invested and Allie won the Knockouts Title that didn’t come across as a complete fluke. The year 2017 was truly Allie’s year as the new top babyface for the Knockouts division, so to see her with gold again made this win that much sweeter.

While I can give props to Impact for giving us a hype package for this match and even recapping the history between Allie and Van Ness, this feud really cooled down in between Sienna‘s last title reign and Bound for Glory when Kim won it. I’ve always felt that the Allie/Van Ness feud was red hot and truly should’ve kicked after last year’s fun wedding segment.

But moving forward, Impact has a chance to do something with Allie’s title reign the second time around as well as revise the Knockouts division under this new regime. With Gail Kim now retired and serving as a Knockouts producer, it truly is a new era for the Knockouts division. With a new Knockouts Champion, new Impact relationships with RISE and Lucha Underground, a new Redemption PPV and even a second (revived) Knockouts feud between Rosemary and Taya taking place, I’m staying optimistic on how this latest Impact regime will play out.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact? Are you excited to see Allie as Knockouts Champion again? What else would you like to see happen within the Knockouts division? Let us know in the comments below!

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