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Impact 07/12/18: Time to get Ballsy

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. We are slowly approaching this year’s Slammiversary where will see not one but two Knockout matches! Hooray for that extra surprise.

But for now, let us turn our attention to this week’s Impact. If you recall from a while back, RISE announced that their own alumni Shotzi Blackheart was selected by Impact officials to take part at the most recent set of Impact tapings. So how did the former Phoenix of RISE Champion do in her official Impact debut? Let’s find out.

Alicia About interviews Blackheart prior to her Impact Wrestling debut in a match against Allie. Blackheart says that being on Impact has given her a one-track mind: to prove that she is no phony and can live to her ballsy badass moniker. She’s ready to rock but is Allie ready to roll? Blackheart prior to our Knockouts match of the week.

Allie approaches Blackheart but takes a step back when the latter lets out a howl. The women refocus to tie-up and trade takedowns. Blackheart lets out another howl after bringing Allie down with a shoulder block but Allie responds with one her own. Allie runs the ropes for sliding elbow soon gets trapped in a grounded submission. Blackheart rolls Allie up for a cover but only gets a two count.

After trading some chops to the chest, Allie strikes Blackheart with a forearm and follows up with a sliding elbow. The crowd cheer on for their fellow Canadian as she charges after Blackheart from a corner but comes up empty. Blackheart takes advantage and connects a corner cannonball attack.

Blackheart locks in a grounded chin lock but the Impact crowd is still in full support of Allie, cheering her on as she fights through the submission. Blackheart stays in control, bringing Allie back down following a kick, knee strike, forearm and stand-up enziguri combination. Another near fall for Blackheart.

Blackheart lands a for a forearm to Allie and climbs the top of a turnbuckle. She leaps off but Allie sidesteps out the way and unleashes a fire of offense including a missile dropkick into a corner. She goes for a cover after delivering a German Suplex for a two count.

Blackheart climbs the top of another turnbuckle but misses her attack once again. Allie capitalizes and hits the Codebreaker for the three count.

As Allie celebrates the win and heads to the back, Tessa Blanchard blindsides Allie with an attack from behind! The Undeniable Knockout whips Allie to the guardrails. She then tosses Allie back in the ring to deliver a Hammerlock DDT, dusts off her shoulders and stands tall.

Backstage Blanchard explains her actions, saying that since she’s arrived at Impact Wrestling her main focus has been the Knockouts Championship. She is prepared to go through the entire Knockouts division if that what it takes. Madison Rayne got in Blanchard’s way and just as she handling that situation, here comes Allie to make the save. Blanchard runs down how Allie “doing the right thing” has backfired on her.

Elsewhere, the newly formed trio of Grado, Katarina Leigh, and Joe Hendry run into Eli Drake backstage. Grado relives their Ladder match from last year and says things are still looking up for him. Drake then questions the legitimately of grade’s relationship with Leigh. Grado steps in and throws down a challenge to Drake if he tries to steal his girlfriend. YEAH!

Drake ends up picking up the win in their match later in the night but the real story comes when Drake tries to approach Leigh afterward. While Leigh doesn’t seem to fight it, Hendry sticks up for his pal and keeps the two apart.

OK, so I know I give a lot of grief about Impact wasting valuable air time with their GFW Throwbacks but at least this week’s includes the FANTASTIC Last Knockout Standing Match between Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. Thanks for the classic ladies!

This week also sees a second electric vignette for a new Knockout coming soon. Are we still sticking with our Scarlett Bordeaux prediction?

And finally, our number one contender is treated to a spotlight interview but it is interrupted when the Knockouts Champion Su Yung decides to continue to play her mind games with Rayne.

Thoughts: This was a fun episode of Impact. When it was first announced that Shotzi Blackheart was going to be make a guest appearance on Impact, my first instinct was that she was going to be in some throwaway match for Xplosion. I’m glad that wasn’t and actually had a formal introduction on Impact’s regular program. She’s got a standout look, fun personality and would be a great addition to Impact’s rebuilding Knockouts division.

Now I wasn’t expecting for Blackheart to pick up a win but certainly she held her own against the former KO champ Allie. Here’s hoping that RISE can pull through their current woes for a continued partnership with Impact!

I’m not sure who will win between Allie and Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary. I feel like both women really need the win. There’s Allie (who by the why still never got her title rematch) coming back as a more serious contender after an upset defeat and then there’s Tessa Blanchard, who has had her sight on the Knockouts Championship since her debut yet has fallen short across the number one contender Madison Rayne. Whoever wins will likely be the next contender for belt.

The Katarina/Grado story is still keeping my interest. Are there holes in this relationship? Is the relationship really a sham? Does Katarina have her eyes on someone else who isn’t Grado? Stay tuned!

I’m going to assume that this new Knockout will be revealed post Slammiversary, which typically serves as a reset button.

And finally, the Knockouts Title picture. My gut is still telling me that Su Yung will come out on top. As much as I love Madison Rayne, I think this program has been put together to give Su Yung a worthy opponent at a live PPV. I see can see Rayne still working as a onscreen veteran or slowly shift to a backstage role again but Su Yung’s reign will carry on.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Would you like to see Shotzi Blackheart join the Knockouts division? Are you still interested in the Grado/Katarina love story? Let us know in the comments below!

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