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Impact 09/13/18: Access denied

Hola Knockout and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! It’s our last Impact show from the Rebel Complex in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as the company will head over to Mexico City starting next week for the company’s newest batch of TV tapings. This week, the Knockouts title picture takes a little bit of a break as more of the focus shifts over to the aftermath of Katarina Leigh breaking things off with Grado in an attempt to start a new relationship with his best (and talented) friend Joe Hendry.

As seen last week, the reigning Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard found herself in a bit of a scare after retaining her title in a match against Su Yung. Yung and her army of Undead Brides nearly sealed Blanchard inside a casket had Allie and Kiera Hogan not run in to make the save.

In a backstage interview, Allie explains why she and Kiera came to Blanchard’s aid. Allie isn’t shy to admit that she doesn’t like Blanchard or her accusations of going after Yung on a supposed ‘hidden agenda’ for the Knockouts Championship.

Despite her personal feelings towards Blanchard, Allie stands strongly by her promise of never wanting to see another person be put inside a casket. Nobody deserves to go through what she, Madison Rayne and Rosemary went through… not even a spoiled, entitled, little brat like Tessa Blanchard. Yung may no longer be the Knockouts Champion but her reign of terror is far from over.

Blanchard is also interviewed but quickly gets offended when Alicia Atout mentions that Allie and Kiera saved her last week. Blanchard dismisses Allie actions from last week, saying that she didn’t need any help. Blanchard continues to taint Allie’s name, saying that she has everyone fool as this ‘savior’ but Blanchard sees right through this act.

If Allie thinks that Blanchard owes her something or a thank you, then she is mistaken. Blanchard says Allie can go on and play zombie hunting with her bestie Kiera Hogan because she is the Knockouts Champion and during Impact’s visit to Mexico City next week, the whole world will see why she is undeniable.

We move on to our featured Knockouts Match… which is pretty much a bust.

Before the Knockouts are even able to throw a punch, Grado and Hendry come out to confront Katarina from the entrance ramp. Hendry claims that Grado hasn’t been able to eat since Katarina broke up with him but goes on to present Katarina with a surprise: a custom music video that expresses how prestigious Hendry feelings are for Katarina.

Unfortunately for Katarina, the music video isn’t a video of love but the rather a humiliating music video title ‘Access Denied’. From the ring, Katarina yells at the two men in front of her but Alisha uses the moment to roll Katarina up, getting the three count and easy win. Grado closes the segment by leading the audience into an ‘Access Denied’ chant.

Can we add ‘Lady Luck’ to Scarlett Bordeaux‘s resume!? Or how about some kind of magician as she can appear out of nowhere through a cloud of smoke? Just a few weeks after being one of her first guests on The Smoke Show, Fallah Bahh is blessed with the opportunity to challenge Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship!

His partner tag team KM tries to coach him throughout the night and Bordeaux is so proud of them. She extends her full encouragement to the mighty fellow, adding that the only thing she loves more than a strong man is gold around a man’s muscular waist is sexy! Sadly for Bahh, he falls short in his quest for gold, thanks to some dirty tactics from Aries’ posse.

Already slated for Impact’s first week in Mexico is a match-up between Alisha Edwards against Triple A’s Faby Apache!

Thoughts: I’m disappointed that after some pretty strong episodes of Impact these last few weeks, this week was pretty much a throw away for the Knockouts.

There really isn’t a whole lot for me to say this week. The Knockouts title picture still looks like a three-way dance between Blanchard, Allie, and Yung. I think they can still stretch this feud given the three different personalities these Knockouts have. For the longest time now, we’ve seen Allie talk about this promise in stopping Su Yung. I’d like to see some kind of a plan form and put into action now.

Can Allie convince Blanchard to join her alliance? Will Blanchard find herself in peril again? If not, can Blanchard find someone to work with while in Mexico? Will Kiera turn on Allie down the line? Give me some answers Impact!

I’m wondering if this is the end of the Katarina love story. Grado and Hendry already have the last laugh so I don’t think they really do more towards Katarina unless one of them turns heel, which I don’t see happening or if Katarina seeks vengeance. Personally, I rather see this storyline phase out and have Katarina back in the Knockouts division full time.

What did you think of this week’s Impact? Are you still interested in the Katarina/Grado/Hendry storyline? What would you like to see happen at the Impact Mexico City shows? Let us know in the comments below!

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