Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Impact Preview for Next Week: Karen Jarrett “Livid” with Knockouts!

Though indeed gratuitous, last night’s “Thanksgiving Thong Thunder” match did have some bearing on the current storylines, which we’ll see continue on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

According to the preview for next week’s show, Miss Karen (to steal a phrase from Bobby) is “livid” with the Knockouts for disobeying her order to show more skin. As we guessed on Twitter last night, it seems like TNA is going for a “Knockouts uprising against Karen” storyline.

The preview reads:

Sources say Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett is LIVID over the Knockouts disobeying her orders to show more skin on last week’s broadcast, and Karen is planning some major punishment this Thursday for the ladies of IMPACT WRESTLING! Thus far, Jarrett has ruled the Knockouts with an iron first – but the question is, will the Knockouts continue to play with fire and question her authority? Don’t miss it this Thursday!

Sounds interesting!

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