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Impact Wrestling Discussion Post: December 7th, 2017

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, the tournament to crown a new Knockouts Champion continues as Allie, Rosemary and Sienna compete in a Triple Threat match.

Read’s preview to the show below:

“Thursday night on IMPACT we will see our second 3-Way Knockouts match in the opening round of the Knockouts Championship Tournament. Already advancing is Laurel Van Ness who defeated KC Spinelli and Madison Rayne last Thursday night to advance to the one on one finals. Now, we await to see who will be facing Laurel as it’s Allie vs. Sienna vs. Rosemary on Thursday night.

All three are former Knockouts Champions and all three have a chance to regain the Championship, all they have to do is advance past this 3-Way contest, which is easier said than done of course.

Allie has shown vast improvement in 2017 and is on track to be named “Most Improved” this year. Allie has been training and that training has paid off for everyone’s favorite Knockout. Allie is no longer the wide eyed and timid girl she was when she first started apprenticing for Maria early in her career. Allie seems more confident than ever before and has a great chance of winning on Thursday.

Sienna is the former Knockouts Champion who lost her title at Bound For Glory and Sienna has a chance to erase that defeat with a victory on Thursday and advancing to the finals. Sienna claims to be bigger, stronger and faster than her contemporaries and now she can prove that on Thursday. Win and advance.

Then there is Rosemary. The Demon Assassin was unstoppable until she was defeated for her Championship and now the leader of the Hivelings has a chance to end 2017 with gold around her waist. Rosemary brings an arsenal of moves to this match like “The Upside Down” where she hangs backwards looking at her fans while taking oxygen from her opponents. The Red Wedding is the signature move of Rosemary and if she connects, she will earn a victory on Thursday night.

What will happen is completely up in the air and a prediction would be just that, a wild guess. We know this match will be thrilling and it is one fall to a finish with 3 Knockouts looking to advance and Laurel Van Ness will be watching and waiting to see who she will face in the Finals of the Knockouts Championship Tournament.”

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