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IMPACT Wrestling lists memorable wedding moments


IMPACT Wrestling is about to embark on another wedding moment as Melissa Santos and IMPACT World Champion, Brian Cage celebrates their pending nuptials. The couple in real life married in July, but on-screen their engagement took place just a couple of weeks ago.

As a result of this exciting news, IMPACT Wrestling has compiled their top five list of wildest weddings in the history of the company. Here is what they came up with:

Credit: TNA/IMPACT Wrestling

5. ODB & Eric Young

As the very last TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, ODB and Eric Young met each other in the ring to tie the knot. The engagement took place after the two won the tag titles. Young would become the only man in history to win a women’s title for the company.

After their win, ODB accepted the proposal. They would defend their titles multiple times before being stripped of the title due to Young being a man after a 478-day reign. They would even defend the title in a steel cage match at Lockdown against Sarita and Rosita. The titles were retired after their reign.

4. Brooke Hogan & Bully Ray

This wedding took part during perhaps the longest drawn out stable in wrestling history – Aces & Eights. During the ceremony, Tazz would interrupt the ceremony revealing he was a member of that stable. They would attack Ray and Hulk Hogan. It would later be revealed that Ray was actually the President of Aces & Eights turning his back on the Hogans.

3. SoCal Val & Jay Lethal

This wedding would break down as Sonjay Dutt, Lethal’s best friend, had something to say during the ceremony. He admitted he had feelings for Val and that it should be him and not Lethal that marries her. Dutt would then attack Lethal.

After the attack, Dutt would find himself in a terrible position as Jake Roberts would unleash a snake on him. Val would leave crying heading up the ramp.

2. Karen & Jeff Jarrett

The Jarretts would renew their vows, but their ceremony wouldn’t end blissfully. Kurt Angle was forced to walk down Karen down the aisle after losing a match to Jeff. With her being Angle’s real-life ex-wife the sheer humiliation was enough to make him snap.

After the ceremony was concluded, Angle would retrieve an axe and destroy the set causing the couple to retreat.

1.Laurel Van Ness & Braxton Sutter

Van Ness and Sutter would start an on-screen relationship that led to their wedding. At the ceremony, Sutter couldn’t take it anymore and would get into a verbal altercation with Maria. He would profess his love for Allie (his real-life wife).

This would result as the end of Ness’ relationship with Saxton. She would then move to her maniacal “psychotic bride” gimmick

What are your thoughts of IMPACT’s top five wedding list? What were some of your favorites? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section.