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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: January 30th & February 6th, 2015

TNA is taping two episodes of Impact Wrestling tonight, the second being Lockdown. Spoilers below:

Airing January 30th:
Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Title is next. Taryn retained. It was noted that Taryn has received weak pops every night this week but got a better reaction after her win tonight.

Airing February 6th (Lockdown):
* Havok vs. Awesome Kong is next. They tart brawling on the ramp and around the ring. They go back in the cage and Earl Hebner accidentally gets knocked down by the door as Kong closes it. Kong no sells a chokeslam and hits Havok with one of her own. Kong wins after a splash from the top.

* Robbie E calls Brooke Tessmacher to the ring and blames her for losing The Amazing Race. He challenges her to a race and he accepts. The race involves them spinning around with a baseball bat, running to the cage, climbing into it, back over it and back up the ramp. The judges are Jessie Godderz and DJ Zema Ion, who get involved and try to stop Brooke from leaving the cage. Robbie ends up pushing Brooke off the ramp. He poses before crossing the finish line. Brooke comes back and hits him with a low blow. She then crotches him with the bat. Brooke crosses over the line and wins. She goes back and takes a selfie with Robbie.

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