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Impact Wrestling Spoilers: June 3rd, 10th & 17th, 2015

TNA taped the June 3rd, 10th & 17th episodes of Impact last night. Spoilers below:

The airs dates for these segments are unknown. The June 10th episode will be a Destination X special.

* The Dollhouse came to the stage. Taryn said if Kong wants to win this title so badly then they will compete in a lingerie pillow fight tonight. Marti shows the piece of lingerie Kong has to wear otherwise she isn’t getting a title shot.

* They set up the Lingerie Pillow Fight. They had a rug, a bed, pillows, and a large light/ornament that was hung at the ceiling. The Dollhouse came to the ring. Taryn said it is time for the sexiest match of the night. She knows there are exciting matches tonight, but she will get the fans’ blood pumping in a whole new way. If Kong wants to compete she has to get some lingerie. She challenges Kong to come out. Kong comes out in casual attire. Taryn yelled at her for not wearing her lingerie and ruining playtime. Marti tells Kong they got her something really pretty to wear. Jade said it was even in her size. They tell her to go put it in. Kong drags Marti and Jade out of the ring and lays them out. They fight up the ramp. Taryn says she guess the fans don’t get to see her lingerie. She tells Hemme to announce her as the winner of the match. Hemme goes to announce her until Brooke comes out. She says this is a disgrace to the division. Taryn says Kong didn’t follow the rules and tells Hemme to announce her again. Brooke says to stop. She says Taryn promised to defend her title and the fans lingerie. Brooke says that she is out here now and she is no problem fighting her in any match at any time and any place. Taryn says that is so cute but she did not challenge Brooke and since Kong decided no and she has destroyed Gail so she recommends Brooke and tells her to turn around. Brooke says she has one last thing to say and forearms Taryn and they brawl on the bed. Brooke removes Taryn’s robe exposing her lingerie. Taryn grabs a pillow to cover up. Brooke says just like she took her robe, the next thing she takes will be Taryn’s title.

* James Storm and Magnus had a brawl towards the ring. Apparently Mickie James had turned down an offer from the Revolution.

* Madison Rayne came to the ring. She said she needs to address something tonight. She said it won’t be any more real than what she is about to say. Six years is a long time to commit to anything, but that is how long she has single handedly built the KOs division. She runs down her accomplishments. She says she has been completely forgotten unless you are Gail Kim. She gets nothing here and it makes her sick. She should be the front runner of the division. She should be trending every week. She says she shows up on time and she doesn’t even show up on the make up schedule. This week she is making her own time. What’s more disgusting while she, contracted talent, somebody like Velvet Sky who gets fired from this company just shows up on live TV and gets to do whatever she wants. The worst part is all of these idiots in attendance want to see that behavior as well as the people in the back. But because the cameras are rolling and the lights are on she is sure she will show up for some more camera time. She does a mocking Velvet chant until she comes through the crowd and gets on the ring apron. Rayne said she is a little bit pissed and isn’t hiding behind a security team so come on in. She compliments Velvet on just trying to get her spot back. Madison reminds her where her spot in this company has always been: and slaps her. She says Velvet’s chains and pulling hair doesn’t make her a badass. Velvet spears her and hits a Stunner on her. Angelina shows up with the security and says this could be the easy way or the hard way. Velvet attempts to attack the security but she gets handcuffed. Angelina says this is what happens to trash like her: she gets arrested again and goes to jail again. Velvet is just a fan while Angelina is the star and people like her (Angelina) is so much better than people like her (Velvet.) She slaps Velvet twice and tells the security to take her out. Angelina sings hey hey good bye while Velvet is taken out. Two more security members came out and said Angelina attacked a fan and she was also arrested.

* Brooke and Awesome Kong defeated Jade and Marti Bell w/Taryn Terrell following an Elbow Drop by Brooke off of Kong’s shoulders on Marti for the pin. Kong and Brooke posed together after.


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