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Impact Write-Up (April 13th, 2017): Unleash the fury

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up! As per Karen Jarrett last week, a mixed tag match was booked for this week’s show pitting Allie and Braxton Sutter taking on the cousin team of Sienna and KM. With everyone involved having so much to say to one another in the last few weeks, let’s see how their words shift into action inside the six-sided ring.

Before we get to any Knockouts action, we have a sit-down with Karen Jarrett to hear her notions on the #MakeImpactGreat movement. Naturally, Karen discusses the shift in power that took place earlier this year that saw her husband Jeff Jarrett return to the company that he started. Karen praises her husband’s presence and says that he brings in positivity to any atmosphere he enters. Karen wraps up her minute long clip with the promise of more exciting changes to come from Impact Wrestling! Hmm, we’ve heard that promise plenty of times from Impact already haven’t we?

Time for our Mixed Tag Team match:

Braxton and KM are ready to start things off but what’s this, Josh Matthews coming down the entrance ramp before any punches can even been thrown? And here I thought we would, at least, be able to get through this match without having to hear his bickering with Jeremy Borash over at the commentary table. Can you believe their feud has actually attained a main event slot on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling?

Sienna wastes no time getting involved in the match by pulling Braxton’s left leg when he runs the ropes causing him to trip and fall. Aha, two can play at that game! Allie also causes KM to misstep during his run at the ropes with a leg pull leading to a mean stare down between the Knockouts.

The men continue to go back and forth with another until Braxton lands a corner suplex to KM that takes him out. Sienna tags herself in and strikes Braxton behind his back. She charges after him when he tries to regroup from a corner but Braxton dodges out the way. Although she is hesitant at first, Allie makes a tag and brings the fight to Sienna with forearms and a clothesline.

Allie climbs the second rope of a turnbuckle and goes for a crossbody but gets caught mid-air by Sienna. Lucky for Allie, KM is still crawling around in the middle of the ring and Sienna trips over his calves causing her to fall back on the mat and into an accidental pinfall that gets the three count! Allie and Braxton win!

Everything is all smiles and hugs for the beloved couple ominous music hits the Impact Zone! The unleashed fury has arrived in the form of Kongo Kong! Braxton shields Allie away from this new threat and tries to fight Kongo off but he no-sells Braxton’s punches. Kongo then lays out Braxton with a Samoan Drop and corner cannon ball combination.

With the damage done, Sienna orders Kongo to step out of the ring and at the moment our residential broken bride Laurel Van Ness runs to the ring. Allie tries to fight Laurel away but she is simply outnumbered. Sienna lays Allie out via AK-47 (please stick to this finisher Sienna) and Laurel then attacks Allie with a shoe until Sienna tells her to get a hold of herself. The unnamed heel stable makes their exit while Braxton checks on her sweetheart.

We move on to more Knockouts action as the Knockouts Champion Rosemary takes on Santana Garrett:

As Rosemary makes her entrance, the commentary put over how dominate her reign has been since she captured the gold back in December. Could Rosemary go on to become the longest reigning Knockouts Champion?

Headband of Power and cape wearing Santana makes her entrance next but is immediately pummeled to a corner at the sound of the bell by our Knockouts Champion!

Rosemary whips Santana across the ring but Santana leaps onto the bottom ropes, avoiding Rosemary. She rolls up the champ through multiple pin-attempts but each time comes short of the three count. Santana stays on Rosemary and slows her down with a lucha-style arm drag.

Rosemary takes control of the match after countering Santana’s corner charge attack with an elbow and then illegally chokes her with the use of the top ring rope. The Demon Assassin earns a near pin fall after taking Santana down with a rough clothesline.

Still staying in control of the match, Rosemary lands a T-Bone Suplex to Santana and then locks in a bridged neck wrench to wear Santana down. Santana makes it to the ropes, forcing Rosemary to break the hold. Rosemary sets Santana up for the Red Wedding but the challenger escapes the finishing maneuver and starts to mount a comeback!

Santana lands a back hand spring elbow, a Russian Leg Sweep, a head scissors off the top rope onto Rosemary – all leading up to a Shining Star Press but Rosemary is able roll out of harms way. The champion takes advantage of this and reconnects the Red Wedding that puts Santana away for the three count. May Rosemary’s reign as Knockouts Champion continue!

And finally, our last bit of Knockouts sighting comes from Angelina Love and Alisha Edwards who continue to take part in the Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards feud.

During a backstage PDA session, Angelina tells the interviewing cameraman that the couple feel no remorse for their brutal attacks towards their former friends last week.

Davey would later be in action against DJ Z, with Angelina at his side, and win via submission. However, the real action came post match when Eddie Edwards is seen fighting through Impact Wrestling security to get his hands on Davey! In the midst of the pull apart between Davey and Eddie, Alisha emerges from the back, enters the ring and lays a beat down to Angelina! It takes a separate group of security and officials to keep everyone apart from one another!

Thoughts: A slightly better episode of Impact compared to last week.

Starting off with the mixed tag match, am I the only one who was getting Lei’D Tapa debut flashbacks during Kongo Kong’s debut? This match was disappointing as it was used purely to introduce Kongo to Impact which is all right but Allie’s ‘win’ here comes across as a total fluke. I would just rather see Impact begin to give Allie’s character some more freedom when it comes to in-ring action. She already has her trainer Braxton by her side and we’ve seen her stand on her own against both Sienna and Laurel so to see Allie pick up another ‘accidental’ win feels uneventful.

On the bright side, I am glad to Sienna continue to be the one in charge of this stable. The heels have the numbers and power so, again I ask, what will it take for Allie and Braxton to combat them? Could they recruit some help? Will they need to find a way to disband them? Give us some answers Impact!

The Rosemary/Santana match was a lot better than I had expected. Part of me figured, what with Santana being brought in as an outside talent, that this would be a typical squash match; which was not the case. This match was short but sweet and just really made me wish that Impact gave this side of Santana instead of the Brittany moniker we saw a few years ago; although I was totally for the Samuel/Brittany pairing! Rosemary already has her next challenger for the Knockouts title in ODB which is a match that I’m predicting will take place during next week’s semi-live episode of Impact.

The Davey/Angelina vs. Eddie/Alisha feud has to be leading to a mixed tag match for this year’s Slammiversary. Props to Impact if that is the route they are going with as this feud actually has a build to it, emotions attached and brought out some of the best Impact moments we’ve seen this year thanks to Davey and Eddie. Angelina just shines through in this new role since her return and what a great moment it was to finally see Alisha bring a fight to Angelina.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Impact?  Would you like to see Santana rejoin the Knockouts division? What do you think will happen on next week’s show? Let us know in the comments below!


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