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Impact Write-Up (April 17th, 2014): The Knockouts Take it to the Street

Hey guys! Chris here and I’m back for another edition of the Impact Write-Up. A big thank you to Erin for filling in for me last week, You see I was trying to regain my senses from the return of the lovely TNA President, Dixie Carter! Last week we crowned a new number one contender in Angelina Love, so what comes next on the road to Sacrifice? Let’s find out!

Speaking of the leader of the Dixiecrats, She’s up first as she interrupts new TNA World Champion, Eric Young. Dixie, as per usual is at her heel best! She even threatens to fire ODB!

Up next, It’s a Knockouts Street Fight as Velvet Sky takes on Madison Rayne!

Somebody write this date down.. I actually don’t have a problem with The Beautiful People’s outfits! After The Beautiful People make their grand, curtain filled entrance, Velvet grabs a kendo stick and awaits the entrance of Madison. Madison attacks from behind and we are underway! What would a Knockouts street fight be without trash cans and kendo sticks? Well, we had plenty of both in this one! Obviously it was a street fight so there’s not alot of technical wrestling that I can do a critical analysis on but I will say that I do enjoy the slow burn progression that is being made each week towards Angelina vs Madison at Sacrifice. I enjoyed the heel antics of Angelina & Velvet, it just made since that if your a heel tag team and one half of the team is in a street fight, of course the other half is going to interfere. Yes, again write down the date… I just said “logic” in a Impact Write-Up.

I’m really interested to see where this goes after Sacrifice. I want to point out a tweet from the one and only Gail Kim she said that she wasn’t sure how she felt about The Beautiful People talking over her division. I know alot of fans are a little iffy on Gail potentially turning face but honestly, I think Gail has done everything there is to do as a heel and a face turn would definitely refresh the character. Plus, I think if there’s anyone “big money” feud in the Knockouts Division right now it would be some form of The Beautiful People vs The BFF’s.

My only reservation would be where does that leave Brittany? As I’ve said previously, Brittany needs to continuously be featured to become a prominent name in the division. Let’s just hope TNA knows where they are going with her direction.

In any event, I’m really excited to see what the coming weeks hold for not only The Beautiful People & Madison, but for Gail as well. Who would have know she could get so many fans talking without even being featured on this weeks TV?

It’s a exciting time to be a Knockouts fan, I’ll be back with more next week on the continued road to Sacrifice.

Until next week,
Choo choo, darlins.

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