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Impact Write-Up (August 22nd, 2013): Brooke, Bully and… Brooke!

What’s up everybody? Welcome to this week’s Impact write-up. I’m Eleri and I am back. I’ve been crazy busy recently with lots of different things like work and some projects I’ve got happening, so last week Jack graciously stepped in to fill my shoes and wasn’t he wonderful? We’ve got a great team. Anywho, I’m sorry to say that this write-up will be slightly shorter than my usual stuff, but it’ll still be full of the goodness. Let’s head on over to the show, shall we?

Alrighty. Well… let’s be honest, there were spoilers out about this show, but who cares? Brooke Tessmacher is back! She’s hot and she’s heel. Bully was going on and on about who he was, who the guy next to him was and then finally he got on to the ‘love of his life’ and the secret that he and this girl had been hiding for too long. Brooke Hogan‘s music hits, and Brooke Tessmacher walks through the curtain! Smack bang, Bully plants one on Brooke and they don’t come up for a while. Well, well.

Given the fact that Brooke Hogan is no longer around, it leaves me to wonder if she’ll be written off through this storyline or just forgotten about altogether. Time will tell.

Next up, Gail Kim took on ODB in a pretty darn physical match-up. Gail Kim always looks flawless. It’s not fair. ODB controlled most of the match early on, but Gail managed to fight back after getting trapped in the corner by ODB’s crotch. Seriously, that was a close encounter. A chase ensues around ringside around the ten minute mark, and Gail gets the upper hand with a nasty arm bar. Gail works the arm now, but ODB equalizes with a… low blow? Isn’t that illegal? It still hurts when you hit a woman there, y’know ref. Gail scales the turnbuckle but ODB knocks her back down. HUGE SUPERPLEX. ODB gets a two count, but Gail comes back with quick Crucifix pin attempt for the three count!

Sorry it wasn’t as long as usual guys, honestly. Still it wasn’t a bad showing for the Knockouts. We got a good, solid match to further the tension between Gail and ODB, and Brooke Tessmacher returning to television is great because it spices up the division a bit. God knows they need it right now. Wondering if we’ll see Brooke chase Mickie’s championship with Aces and Eights behind her. Heel vs. Heel? It could work.

Until next time, Eleri out!

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