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Impact Write-Up (February 27th, 2015): To Turn a Blind Eye

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s Impact Write-Up. It has been a media week with the #GiveDivasAChance campaign taking a different route each day, llama drama chases and of course the dress (which I’ve yet to see white and gold) that groups can’t seem agree on. Let’s take a breather from all that frenzy and head over to Manchester, England as the second stop of TNA’s UK tour. On this week’s Impact, Gail Kim passes on advice to a daring Taryn Terrell and the Brooke/Robbie E saga goes (somewhat) intergender in a tag competition. Let’s jump right to it!″ target=”_blank”>martindaly234

After last week’s ambush attack at the hands of Awesome Kong, this week Taryn Terell takes this opportunity to call out her out! The Knockouts champion makes her way to the ring in what is definitely her gold ring attire. She begins her discourse by saying that becoming Knockouts champion has been such a dream come true. Not only because it symbolizes all the hard work Taryn has put in to her career thus far but also because she is in a locker room full of women whom she respects. At the same time, she is fully aware that these same women are all eyeing for her title and one of those names include Awesome Kong.

Taryn is fully aware that Awesome Kong’s current intentions are to take away the gold from her and in response to this, Taryn makes her own intentions to Kong clear: if Awesome Kong wants the title, she should come down to the ring and try to take it from her! What a courageous message from the Knockouts champion!

To much of Taryn’s surprise, it is Gail Kim who replies to Taryn’s message and makes her way down to the six sided ring wearing what is absolutely and positively a blue dress! The Knockout veteran who is oh so familiar with Awesome Kong offers some words of wisdom to Kong’s newest rival. Gail tells Taryn that while she respects her as a woman and a fellow Knockout, she should really reconsider challenging the toughest woman to ever step foot in the company or better put, the toughest woman in professional wrestling history.

Gail continues by reminding Taryn how tough Havok was but who too felt Awesome Kong’s wrath. Gail has been injured because of Kong and advises Taryn to reconsider bringing out the monster that is Awesome Kong. Taryn takes this all in, respecting Gail’s concern and opinion but stands her ground that as a fighting champion, she wants and needs to have this fight with Kong!

With Taryn’s goal set in stone on taking on Kong one on one, Gail passes on a few last words of encouragement before exiting the ring. As Taryn salutes the crowd once last time, raising her title proudly in the air, the lights suddenly go dark and we all know what this means. When the lights return, Awesome Kong has appeared in the ring and Taryn wastes little time getting her point across, immediately going after Kong! She runs towards her monster enemy, shot after shot only delivering minimal damage. Taryn changes up her offense by climbing to the second rope and lands a drop kick, sending Kong to the other side of the ring with Kong managing to stay on her feet. The two Knockouts collide, with Kong getting the better of Taryn and after taking Taryn down, she locks her in her clutches and hits an Implant Buster for the second week in a row, leaving the champion hurt and broken in the ring as Kong raises Taryn’s title before exiting out of the ring. Message has been delivered loud and clear.

We move from that segment to our intergender tag match of the night featuring Robbie E teaming up with Angelina Love to take on the team Brooke and American hero Chris Melendez. As always, DJ Z introduces his fellow BroMans first along with Angelina and the self-centered team choreograph their entrance complete with not just one selfie stick this time but three for each member of the BroMans! Can someone please put a ban to these selfie sticks already?

Brooke makes her entrance next, sporting her cape and her smile as her accessory for some in ring action. She waits for her American Hero tag partner Chris Melendez to join her; saluting and applauding her partner as he enters the ring. The partners high five each other for good luck in this match up.

The intergender tag match kicks off as a traditional mixed tag match with Robbie and Melendez facing each other off. However, Robbie’s first objective are to get on Brooke’s nerve and he does so by air spitting his ex who reacts in total anger, wanting to get her hands on Robbie! It takes her partner Chris and the referee to calm Brooke down but Robbie takes advantage of the situation with a blind attack from behind to Chris. Robbie continues to mock Brooke but gets shut down when he turns around, as Melendez takes him down with a clothesline and a vertical suplex. He then drags Robbie towards the corner of his tag partner, who tags in and is just itching to get in the ring with Robbie.

Just before any action can take place, Robbie breaks Chris’ hold and retreats to the other side of the ring. After catching his breath for a hot second, Robbie meets Brooke in the center of the ring, pivoting around the ring before making a quick tag to Angelina Love. Not even ten seconds have passed by before Robbie changes his mind and decides to tag himself back in and the stare down with flashing fighting stances continue until Angelina hair pulls Brooke from the outside.

With Brooke down, Robbie begins his attacks, looking to connect an elbow drop but Brooke is able to roll out of the way. Relying on his partner again, Robbie tags in Angelina and it’s the Knockouts turn to take over this match. Angelina gets the upper hand with a Samoan drop into the cover, only getting a two count. Angelina then decides to send Brooke to a corner for a running attack but instead lands face first on to the turnbuckle when Brooke dodges out of the way.

This proves to be Brooke’s break as she takes control of the match next with a series of forearms and a big drop kick. Now it’s Brooke who whips Angelina to the ropes, which leads to Robbie blindly tagging himself back in to the match. Still unaware of this blind tag, Brooke climbs the ropes for a high flying hit but crashes and burns when she gets thrown off from behind by Robbie. He quickly goes for a pin and easily manages to get the three count over his ex. Robbie celebrates his win dashing around the ring, cartwheels in between and of course with a group selfie with his clan as Brooke remains down, giving this week’s tally point to Robbie for those of you keeping track at home.

Thoughts: Not necessarily a full action packed week this week for the Knockouts but some great progression for the storylines featured.

While Taryn’s successful title defenses over the past few weeks have certainly been selling her as a fighting champion, we haven’t really had a chance to hear her speak up until this point. Taryn’s delivery felt very basic in my opinion but her message was clear and she had a ton of outlook as the fighting champion she is suppose to be. I always enjoy when the title means something in a feud and I think Taryn was able to make the point across this week when discussing the pros and cons of being Knockouts champion in the locker room.

As with before, I think Gail’s involvement helps add a different layer to this title picture feud. Certainly Gail knows firsthand what it’s like to be in the ring with Awesome Kong as well as with Taryn, so her passing advice to former rival and first time champion Taryn, along with the tease of getting engaged on the action really sets up for some potential contests down the road.

As for the Taryn and Awesome Kong confrontation, I absolutely loved that Taryn never backed down from Kong. Even with the size disadvantage against her, Taryn manages her role as the underdog champion putting up a fight and never backed down with Awesome Kong, who still holds her place as the dominating force to be reckoned with.

The intergender tag match was a nice change up to the Robbie E and Brooke feud but the match wasn’t all that grand. I did think it was a bit random to include Chris Melendez in this tag match but he isn’t too busy at the moment and Brooke needed a partner so I can see why he was thrown in this match. While I did think Brooke looked good against Angelina, this feud is really meant to be about her and Robbie going at it so I would have liked to see more action against them rather than the spacey taunts that were included in this match.

As already announced, next week Taryn Terell will get her wish for a one on one match against Awesome Kong, as she is set to defend her title. This is their first real encounter and I for one can’t to see how it will play out.

Until then, hasta luego Knockout fans!

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