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Impact Write-Up (July 22nd, 2015): Confrontations and Revelations

Happy Thursday Knockout fans as I welcome you to another weekly edition of Impact Write-Up! Although we are without a Knockouts match this week, former Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell is anything but settled after losing her record breaking title reign to Brooke last week, thanks to some help from the returning Gail Kim. Taryn has demanded to meet with her rivals inside a steel cage this week in an effort to regain the title again.

Elsewhere on this week’s program, the revelation of James Storm‘s female tag team partner is finally revealed thus setting up for his big payback match against Mickie James and her fiancé Magnus for next week.

We are first taken back to a recap as to how the 238 reign of Taryn came to an abrupt end. Inside the six sided ring, the steel cage setting is set for Taryn’s confrontation with Gail Kim. However, before this confrontation can actually get started, Josh Mathews decides to take this moment to briefly remind fans that an all-new season Pit Wars is airing on Destination America again. He turns things over to Christy Hemme for more details.

Before Christy can speak a word, out comes a raging Taryn, who knocks off the grill that stands by Christy at the entrance ramp. Taryn snatches the mic Christy had at hand to talk about something more important: herself! I never had any intentions of watching that show anyway.

Dollhouse members Jade and Marti Bell are right behind their leader with their toy dollhouse, as Taryn goes on to say that she is putting the show on hold until she gets back what belongs to her! This temper tantrum continues as Taryn makes her way to the cage, blaming her loss on Christy, the fans at the Impact Zone and the fans watching at home!

The Dollhouse collectively enter the steel cage and Taryn names drop Gail, recalling as to how she took her out personally and professionally already, as well as Brooke, who in Taryn’s mind, isn’t really champion anyway! Taryn declares that she isn’t leaving tend ring and demands that the new man in charge send out an official or set up a match for Taryn to regain the gold!

Neither Bully or am official referee come out but the new Knockouts champion Brooke isn’t one to back down from Taryn’s antics and she comes out to respond to Taryn from the entrance ramp.

Brooke says she isn’t surprised to see this childlike behavior from Taryn as she has done this before. Brooke suggests that Taryn stop blaming others for her loss as she brought it upon her own along with her “Doll Hoes”.

Unlike Taryn, Brooke is happy (I’m sure we’ve all noticed that) and she knows the fans are happy as well because she is the new Knockouts champion, something Taryn can’t stand!

Taryn’s anger only boils as she self-proclaims that she is untouchable causing Brooke to sarcastically respond by saying that she is scared of Taryn. Brooke has already beaten Taryn by outsmarting her and out wrestling her so if she wants the title back then she can go ahead and try to take it from her!

The bait is taken and Taryn steps out the steel cage to approach Brooke but just as she does the Impact Zone goes dark with Gail Kim’s new entrance music playing and new Titan Tron shown on our screen.

When the lights come back on, Gail Kim has found her way inside the steel cage, locking the outside door to prevent Taryn from entering back in. All Taryn can do is watch as Gail takes out her Dollhouse posse from the inside the cage, tossing them straight to the steel walls.

With no to help her, Taryn begins to flee from Brooke, who slowly approaches her all around the outside ring and at one point, getting her hands close enough to Taryn after a tiny trip.

Taryn finds comfort in the middle of the ramp and yells out a cry of defeat as Gail lands one more double dropkick to Marti and Jade before standing tall and strong behind Brooke.

Our final bit of Knockouts goodness comes from the help of The Revolution. The Heel stable follow their leader in James Storm who begins an introduction speech of welcoming new members to his team no matter what you’re background may be.

This offer to join was opened to Mickie James but after turning it down Mickie is nothing but a lost cause for Storm. He promises to give Mickie her “one more match” with the help of the newest pledger to the Revolution. This new name would come in the form of Serena Deeb.

Index fingers in the air, Serena makes her way to the Impact Zone wearing a fitted “1 More” T-shirt. As the latest member of The Revolution makes her way to the ring, the commentary team fill in some blanks for the fans oat home of Serena’s time at OVW where she debuted back in 2005 at the same time as Mickie James had, eventually becoming the best of friends.

Once in the ring, James Storms asked Serena to reveal the truth about fan favorite Mickie James. Serena starts off by saying that it is a pleasure to be standing next to him in a TNA ring. Serena then stays on the topic at hand and discuses her ten year friendship with Mickie James.

All that changed when Mickie James became MICKIE JAMES and suddenly it didn’t seem like Serena or their friendship mattered anymore. She was hurt and lost by this until James Storm found her and showed her the a better light. James Storm takes the mic and says that this upcoming match will be that embarrasses Mickie and her family.

With that, our “one more match” is set up for next week!

Thoughts: Although there were no matches this week, we did have some continuous layers for the storyline at hand.

While Taryn continued to be over the top on her execution, it was nice to see Brooke tone down her preppy happy persona for a moment as she was calling out Taryn. She’s the Knockouts champion now and I’d like to see her begin to take a more serious tone of things aside from the hyper attitude she’s been bringing out.

I think the steel cage aspect of this confrontation helped this new side Assassin Creed like character for Gail as she did remotely keep Taryn out of the cage as she was beating down both Marti and Jade, some thing that probably wouldn’t have the same feel had the cage been absent.

Eventually, I would like to see Taryn and Gail square off in their own separate feud so that Brooke can focus on taking new contenders for her title. The only thing is, TNA really need to start rebuilding worthy contenders for that to happen; perhaps more so as Jade and Marti’s mojo level fell after both of them failed to take out Gail despite having the numbers on their side.

Though I found Serena’s presence in TNA refreshing, the big problem I find myself having with this whole angle is the knowledge of knowing that Magnus and Mickie James have already left TNA, Serena recently retiring from the ring and the big question mark as to whether James Storm is still with TNA! All of this happening before this big mixed tag match has even aired!

It just feels like TNA waited too long to bring in a female to join the Revolution and fully capitalize on this feud. There could’ve been so much more build to it and even more history backtracking between Serena and Mickie’s history together!

It’s part of the price that comes with taping so many episodes in a short period and with nearly a week’s worth of taping happening now, there’s a chance this kind of thing will happen again. Still, I’m excited for this match as Mickie and Serena displayed a terrific match back at the first Knockouts Knockdown!

That’s it for this week Knockout fans, hasta luego!

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