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Impact Write-Up (October 3rd, 2013): Lei’D Tapa Lays Claim to a Bigger Island

Hello, Knockouts fans! No, this isn’t Eleri, but the name is close. I’m filling in for her this week, and it’s good timing, because one of the subjects of my OVW Write-Ups has made her TNA debut tonight. But that’s a little bit later on. Let’s start with Brooke, who accompanied Bully Ray for his tete-a-tete with AJ Styles:

The conversation’s most interesting parts concerned the newly evil TNA President Dixie Carter, who Bully calls a “gorgeous woman”, but not as gorgeous as Brooke. I’d love to see any of the Divas dismiss WWE COO Triple H as a “handsome man”. Grumble..

Anyways, after that segment, we see Styles backstage with Dixie. She reminds him that he’s no longer under contract, and tells him to leave the building. While she’s at it, she should have advised him to ditch that Peter-Parker-in-Spider-Man-3 hair style.

Not long after, we catch our first glimpse of Velvet Sky as she accompanies deadbeat boyfriend Chris Sabin to the ring for his match:

Sabin and his partner Kenny King are defeated by Jeff Hardy and Manik. After the loss, Sabin throws another temper tantrum, attacking Manik and Hardy and bringing in our favorite crotch-thruster Austin Aries into the ring. He challenges Sabin, Manik and Hardy to e Four-Way Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory with the X Division Title on the line.

Now it’s time for a #1 contendership match, the winner getting a shot at ODB‘s Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory. As Brooke and Velvet Sky head to the ring, I can’t help but wonder: who did Gail Kim piss off?

Anyways, before the match can even start, Lei’D Tapa‘s music hits, and she heads to the ring. Brooke heads for the hills while Tapa beats down Velvet, yelling all the while.

She tells the fans that this is HER RING! HER ISLAND! Any OVW fan will find that phrase very (very very) familiar.

This debut was no Kharma-beating-up-Michelle-McCool moment, but I’ll take what I can get. Tapa is a fresh addition to the Knockouts division, and will inevitably mix things up a bit, which is what the division desperately needs. I think she’ll definitely play some part in the Bound For Glory Knockouts Title match, whether it’s one-on-one or a multi-Knockout match.

If you’ve seen Tapa in OVW, you’ll know that this is pretty much what she offers: she is a powerhouse who yells and chokes her opponents. If you’re looking for a ring technician, find another Knockout. Still, like I said, any new blood is a good thing for the division.

Later, Brooke stops running away from Tapa long enough to accompany Bully Ray for his match against Samoa Joe. Bully gets DQed because he got caught using a chain. Come on, Brooke! You need to help him dispose of that a lot quicker. It’s Heel Manager 101.

We cap off the night with GM Hulk Hogan‘s big decision: will he join #TeamDixie and stick around TNA? After Dixie cuts another heel promo, playing the victim and saying that fans just don’t understand the position she’s in, Hogan joins her in the ring.

He’s sporting the Tiffany watch Dixie gifted to him, which seems to be a hopeful sign for Dixie. Hogan swerves her, though, telling her that her offer is a great one…for someone else. He quits!

Hogan tries to leave, but Dixie grovels at his feet – litterally. She latches on to his leg, but he eventually gets free and leaves her on the entrance ramp. Dixie makes a quick recovery, though, essentially telling him “you can’t quit, you’re fired!” as Impact fades to black.

I know not everyone is loving heel Dixie, but if it eventually leads to Hogan really leaving TNA, I’ll love her forever. TNA needs to focus on the future, not the past, and as far as I’m concerned, Hogan holds them back in a big way. Happy trails, Hulk!

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