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Impact Write-Up (September 10th, 2014): Velvet Steals a Win, Havok Steals a Belt

What’s up, Knockout fans? Welcome to this week’s Write-Up! We’ve got a Mixed Tag Team match to discuss this week, and there’s backstage action a plenty. I hope you’re all doing well – I myself am having a grand old time. On to the write up!

We begin with our lovely ladies all in the ring, awaiting the announcement of who will be gracing the cover of the 2015 Knockout calender. It is a pretty big moment for the girls, and they’re all excited! Fans from across the world have voted on Impact’s website, and Jeremy Borash is thrilled to announce that the cover star of next year’s calendar is…

Drum roll please!

Oh no, wait. Angelina Love has something to say! She swipes the microphone from Borash and says the winner is pretty obvious. The beautiful ANGELINA LOVE. (Not going to lie, I think he might be wrong!)

JB takes the microphone back in true diva fashion, with an added “Excuse me” on the end. (We miss you Vickie Guerrero – no one comes close.)

Gracing the cover of the 2015 Knockout calender is…


Angelina does not look happy, but Velvet is jumping for joy as she hugs her BFF in celebration. Before any real shenanigans can occur though, someone’s come to crash the party. Havok‘s music hits, and she heads to the ring. But reigning Knockout’s Champ Gail Kim has other ideas, and rushes Havok on the ramp. The two trade blows but Havok overpowers Gail and sends her flying into the steel barricade. Brittany finds herself playing sacrificial lamb as TBP throw her to the wolves in an effort to save themselves. The other ladies in the ring do nothing to stop it either!

Scooping up Gail’s championship belt, Havok takes her leave… and the title goes with her.

Later in the evening, one rather pissed off Gail Kim is in search of Havok and championship. When she finds Havok backstage, chaos ensues and the women go at it.

After the commercial break, the fight has spilled out into the arena and towards the ring. Havok is woman handling Gail by the time security arrives and the crowd boos as the women are forced apart. As Gail is carted to the back, Havok decimates the security workers that had tried to keep her at bay. She stands over them and tells the camera that she’s coming for Gail Kim. Chills.

Now for the six man tag, mixed tag match. It’s Velvet Sky and the BroMans vs. Rebel and the Menagerie. Angelina Love is ringside to support Velvet. Velvet tags in briefly around the four minute mark to deliver a slap, then quickly tags out again. At the four-thirty mark, Velvet and Rebel tag in and lock up.

Rebel takes early control, making use of her long legs and knocking Velvet nearly senseless. Velvet scrambles to the corner and manages to find her feet, but it’s not for long as Rebel rolls her up. The Bro Mans interrupt the pin and save the match for their team, but the Menagerie has something to say about that. Velvet and Rebel are left alone in the ring, but it’s not for long as Crazy Steve leaves a, um… lasting impact on Velvet’s lips.

Rebel heads to the top rope but Angelina distracts her. It doesn’t earn her much for her trouble, but Velvet is able to turn the tables and rolls Rebel up for the three count, with a handful of tights too I might add. Thanks to Angelina, Velvet steals the win for her team.

Velvet’s freaking out a little after that kiss, too.

Thoughts: Not bad. TNA are still teasing the break up of the Beautiful People and I don’t think we’ll have to wait too long for Angelina to turn on Velvet. I’m glad they’re not in the title picture right now, too. As for Havok and Gail, I enjoyed the brutality they showed tonight. We know Havok is one tough cookie, but you can’t count out Gail Kim. She can go with the best of them. I’m looking forward to the matches these two are going to have in future.

As for the rest of the Knockouts? I don’t know girls. But good luck with it.

Until next time. Ciao! x

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