Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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In Video: WWE.com’s ‘After Total Divas’ Featuring Alicia Fox, Renee Young & Sandra the Seamstress

WWE.com is now hosting its own Total Divas after show, aptly titled After Total Divas and hosted by interviewer Renee Young and Alicia Fox.

The two discuss this week’s episode, highlighting Eva Marie‘s giant fib, Brie and Nikki Bella‘s trips to Tampa and Washington and the Funkadactyls’ wardrobe malfunction.

Renee wonders why Eva didn’t at least watch a DVD to get down the basics of ballroom dancing, while Alicia is worried that this exposes a major character flaw in Eva.

As for Brie living low key in Washington with Daniel Bryan, Alicia thinks Brie can handle it. She says Brie is so down to earth that she can handle anything.

Alicia deemed Daniel’s poor performance in the wood chopping contest “romantic”, saying that he obviously didn’t want to show up Brie and her sister Nikki and purposefully lost the contest.

The Fox Fashion Factor segment featured none other than Sandra, the seamstress who stole her scenes with Cameron and Naomi on last night’s episode. She apologizes for any miscommunication she may have had with the Funkadactyls while making their wardrobes, and she thinks things between them should be good now.

They are also looking to crown a “Sound Byte of the Week”, pitting quotes from Nikki Bella, Naomi and Stephanie McMahon against each other. You can vote for your favorite by clicking here, but we personally are sitting this one out in protest. How can they not feature Cameron’s “the bomb dot com”?

Watch After Total Divas below:

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