Monday, September 25, 2023

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Injury update on Dakota Kai from this week’s NXT

Dakota Kai took on Mia Yim this week in a very personal one-on-one match as Yim was seeking revenge. Kai would pick up a big win continuing her new change in attitude quite nicely. What wasn’t expected however is what took place after the match.

Yim would not take her loss laying down as she continued to battle Kai after the bell. They would take the fight up to the tech area by the stage. Without hesitation, Yim delivers a suplex to Kai that sent them both crashing through a table. On the way down it appeared that Kai hit her head on another table that was still upright.

NXT on Twitter originally released this statement:

Since then Kai has kept us updated by stating she has received eight staples. It appears that she did not encounter a concussion as she lists the dates for live events starting with today’s show.

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