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Introducing Project Diva: Layla

We’ve dreamed up yet another new feature for Diva Dirt – Project Diva! We’ll be taking a particular outfit a Diva or Knockout had worn and give our take on it. We’ll suggest improvements and – most importantly – locate it on the web so you can duplicate the look, if you so wish!

This week, we’re kicking off with the most stylish Diva in all the WWE! We were so enamored with Layla‘s look on Raw that we were inspired to find out where she purchased each piece – thus the birth of this feature. Take a look at the full outfit below:

So, what do we think? You know we’d have an opinion on the matter. ;)

Erin: I love the simplicity of the look. Layla, unlike maannnyyy other Divas, doesn’t have a penchant to over-accessorize – she’s not wearing statement earrings with a dozen bracelets and a heavy necklace. The tank-jeans-boots combo is sleek and sexy without showing too much. Layla shows that a Diva can dress rather casually without having her boobs spill out or looking like someone dumped a Claire’s store on her head. Frankly, I think she’s one of the few Divas with any real sense of style, and this look proves it.
Melanie: This is such a polished look from Layla, I always love her outfits and this is just another perfect example. When I saw her on Raw, I fell in love with her top so Erin and I did some googling which led us to create this here feature! Layla could wear a potato sack and still look hot, thankfully she isn’t wearing one though! Her outfits are always so simple and well accessorised, she proves that less is more.

To see where you can find Layla’s look online and find out how we’d alter Layla’s outfit to create a more “street style” look, follow the cut.

• • • • • • • •

Now, where can you find this lovely ensemble? Check out the list we’ve compiled below:

Look Book

Top: “Faith Connexion – Black Studded Crest” tank from Kitson, $125.00.
Belt: “Crystal Gothic Heart Gold” buckle on “Dressy Black” belt from Washed Up Hollywood, $134.95.
Jeans: “Dark Straight Jeans” from, $69.50.
Boots: “Scrunch Costume Knee Boot” from, $19.99.

• • • • • • • •

So Layla’s outfit looked magnificent on Raw, but that was on television. If we were to wear this outfit out and about, we’d have to make some slight alterations to give it a “street style” look. Here’s our guide to making this the essential casual, everyday outfit:

Extra Essentials

Add a jacket: Complimentary to this outfit, if you’re going out, would be a nice simple jacket. The colours of Layla’s outfit scream “fall” (“winter” if you’re from the UK), so adding this jacket nicely caps off the darker pallette while the cropped sleeves add some flare.
“The Mambo Sun Jacket” from Karmaloop, $76

Perhaps a scarf?: Scarves can be the perfect accessory to any outfit as well as express your personality. This scarf does just that, injecting some colour in the process.
“ASOS Jacquard Scarf” from ASOS, £15

Bang-le for your buck: If you’re not into jackets or scarves – or if you just love the simplicity of Layla’s outfit already, this gorgeous bangle can add some class without taking away from the rest of the look. One simple bangle is enough to accessorise your outfit – no other jewellery needed – the chunkiness of it is more than enough to compensate.
“JLo by Jennifer Lopez Silver Bangle Bracelet” from Boscovs, $18

Look Book by Erin, Extra Essentials by Melanie

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