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Io Shirai explains the difference between crowds in the U.S. over those in Japan

The number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship discussed on WWE’s The Bump how crowds differ between Japan and the United States. In an odd time in wrestling where there are no crowds, it is interesting to hear what the differences truly are under normal circumstances.

She goes on to explain that for Japan, it is solely who wins or loses that receives the biggest crowd reaction. As far as the United States, there is far more to it then the result of the match.

“So, wrestling in Japan, the win or the defeat is the biggest factor that makes the audience react. But in the US, it’s more than the win or the defeat. It’s the process that leads into it, which makes the audience react. I’m only focused on the win in Japan. But when I arrived in the US, I realized that just winning the match won’t make me supported by the audience. It’s more about the process and the story that leads to the win or the defeat. That’s shared with the audience. When I realized that, I was able to immerse myself more into pro wrestling. That’s the difference between here and Japan.”

Shirai earned her shot at the NXT Women’s Championship from a Ladder Match that was supposed to take place at TakeOver: Tampa Bay. The match instead took place on April 8. It hasn’t been announced when she will take on Charlotte Flair at the time of this writing.

What are your thoughts on the way the crowds differ between countries? Leave what you are thinking in the comment section below.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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