Friday, July 1, 2022

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Is ‘Knockout Law’ Coming Back to Impact Wrestling?

Last night on Impact Wrestling, returning Knockout Traci Brooks appeared in a segment with Eric Bischoff, re-applying for the position she once held as ‘Knockout Law’.

For those who didn’t watch at the time, basically it was a General Manager type role for the Knockouts division.

Check out the segment below:

Thoughts: I’ve always wanted to see a Divas GM or a Knockouts GM-type role, and I was excited when TNA first put Traci in that role a couple of years ago, however they dropped the ball and it just disappeared from our screens. I think this could be a fun role for Traci and could give the Knockouts division a sense of importance. Perhaps they could use Traci as a vehicle to introduce new tag teams to build the Knockouts tag team division back up.

Listen to our two interviews with Traci here and here.

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