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Isla Dawn vs. Alba Fyre Extreme Resolution Match Set For Jan. 3

For the first NXT episode of the new year, Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre will take their rivalry to the next level. At NXT Deadline, Dawn picked up a victory against Fyre that now has Fyre seeking revenge.

On the Dec. 27 episode of NXT, in two vignettes it showed that we will be getting the next chapter int he rivalry in an Extreme Resolution Match (Anything Goes).

Moving on to the match results from the Dec. 27 were as follows:

Wendy Choo defeated Cora Jade

Fallon Henley defeated Kiana James – Battle for the Bar

Lyra Valkyria defeated Lash Legend

Wendy Choo and Cora Jade have been in a rivalry for the past several weeks. In their first encounter, Jade picked up a victory…but this time it was Choo who was successful. After Jade was frustrated from a flatliner that didn’t put Choo away, Choo took control. Choo received a near fall from an inside cradle before hitting a full-nelson uranage. She went up top and hit a Vader Bomb from the top rope to get the victory.

Next we had the Battle for the Bar match. Kiana James has stated she intended on purchasing Fallon Henley’s family bar over the past few weeks and it would now come down to this match for possession of it. Henley was able to keep the bar after picking up a victory off of a Shinning Wizard. Further to this story, it was Brooks Jensen that everyone was looking at to see if he was siding with either Henley or James.

Lastly, Lyra Valkyria continues her winning ways since debuting in NXT. The former NXT UK competitor put away Lash Legend with a frog splash from the top turnbuckle. Legend looked impressive throughout the match hitting a cartwheel standing moonsault.

Other women on the show included Ava Raine who accompanied Schism to the ring for their match. She had a moment sending a message to Booker T on commentary.

Toxic Attraction had their first promo without Mandy Rose. They stated they have to rebuild their empire and need to start by targeting the NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez blaming her for the downfall.

We also heard from Perez in a backstage interview. She says she realizes that as hard as she worked to get the title it can all go away just as quick. Boosting up the talent in the locker room and giving credit to the past champions who Perez claims as Hall of Famer worthy. She says she is going to do everything she can to represent the NXT Women’s Championship.

Check back in with Diva Dirt for more news and results from the women of NXT.

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