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Ivelisse talks former WWE stint in recent Reddit AMA

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Ivelisse is no stranger to the ring. The Baddest Bitch in the Temple is one of the most beloved luchadoras on Lucha Underground and LU has been steadily gaining success this year, announcing several touring dates and cinching broadcast deals around the world.

Ivelisse participated in a Reddit AMA where she fielded questions ranging from discussing her time in WWE’s development territory FCW after appearing on Tough Enough to what wrestler she’d like to square up with, her greatest accomplishments, and more.

On training in FCW and her departure: I’ve been pretty vocal, never 100% on the record, but he [trainer Bill DeMott] had a big part to play in it… I’ll never know if it was intentional or if he was just trying to secure his position. Me, in my particular case, he had a big big part to play. It is what it is, in that type of business, the entertainment business and particularly the WWE, it’s all about power and it can get pretty ugly, and it sucks as a talent – an honest talent, it’s hard to go against politics. Before I’m released I’m told they’re thinking of bringing me up, and I’m about to film a video package to be debut, and I’m training the girls in the beginner’s class and all these other things are happening with that particular person and I tried to stand my ground. All of the sudden I am let go, there could be no other explanation.

After I am gone, they literally had a meeting telling talent I wasn’t let go for speaking up. These were things that only DeMott would have brought up. I tried to not let it bring me down. I had so much more to offer, but I have no time to waste on being screwed over, because I’m not the first and I won’t be the last.

I just try to deliver the best possible work I can do while making sure I treat and am treated with respect.

On the current WWE women’s wrestling resurgence and how she was fired before she could partake in it: On a personal level, I am very very upset. It upset me beyond words. On a professional level, it makes me happy to watch it happen, whether I am in it or not. Just to see it happening, but on a personal level it upsets me a LOT – you wouldn’t not understand how much, to this day. But what can I do? I can’t sit and wallow about it. Whether they decide to look back and say hey ‘this person was someone we shouldn’t have let go,’ is another question, right now I am just going to keep doing my thing with people who actually do give me the chance.

On who she’d like to wrestle: I really don’t have a full concrete answer for this, and I get asked a lot. Every person is a different opportunity. It’s a completely different picture every time, and a different puzzle. I’d say now that she’s in the US, if I had to choose, I’d choose Asuka.

On her greatest accomplishments in LU: When I became the first woman to hold gold, and the first female to hold the Trios Championship, and when I was the first to challenge for the Lucha Underground title. It all correlates to what my goals have always been, to represent females in the way they should be. Unfortunately I’ve had some setbacks with injuries, but I am ready to put the work in.

On why fans should be interested in her character on LU: Because I’m not your typical American female diva type, I’m not what people are use to watching on American TV. I’m a warrior when I go out there. I will make you believe what you’re watching, and there are not many who can do that. Either I’ll change your mind on female wrestlers are, or I’ll confirm it – either way, I promise you’ll be satisfied with what you’ve seen.

Read the full AMA here.

Lucha Underground Season 3 is currently airing on the El Rey Network on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET. Episodes can also be purchased on iTunes.

Would you have liked to see Ivelisse in WWE? What do you think is in store for her on this season of LU? Sound off in the comments below.

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