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Jackie Haas is Tough Enough: Week 6 (“It’s Getting Down to Nut Cuttin’ Time”)

Former Tough Enough champion, Jackie Haas blogs on the new series of Tough Enough. Read her insight and opinion on the series every week exclusively here at Diva Dirt.

Like Ivelisse, Jackie injured her knee during TE2 but kept going.

I don’t like to read the reviews even about the show before I see it… most weeks now I have to DVR the show due to my PM running schedule, but I was expecting exactly what happened and two to be cut this week. And the weakest links went.

Even though I had been kind of in Ivelisse’s corner as of last week, if she’s nagging about her injury then she simply isn’t tough enough. Yes, shit hurts, especially a legit injury and I can totally speak from personal experience but if you make it be known just as Booker T said, then it becomes a “cop out” in my book. Not being able to keep up with the competition is a legit way to get cut and I give her my best wishes. She’s trained for years to get to this point and taken down by an injury yes does suck but what else is she to do or the trainers to do but cut her. Sure this won’t be the last of her that we see as Stone Cold said – she may even have a developmental by now.

Christina did impress me and being in the bottom three was the best “wake up call” for her. I think she was playing it a bit too safe and coasting through to this point just as she said A.J. is. Good for her that she showed off some spunk and after this week I am in her corner for her to be in the finals with the guys. Even though she does remind me exactly of her sister.

A.J. will be gone next week. Agreed?

Eric, poor big guy. But that’s all that he is and after a month and a half, it was for sure his time to say goodbye. He is a guy with the potential LOOK – how many times does WWE have to learn the lesson though that just because a guy is big, doesn’t always have to translate into pushing him into Superstar status. Nothing personal, Eric, and I love the fact that you were there for your brother and all but he just seems like an injury waiting to happen; and not to himself but to the others that he will be in the ring with. He needs to get conditioned and control of his own body first to not put others in danger. Number one rule while in the ring is to protect those that you are in there with and Eric just seems like a big accident waiting to happen. Best of luck bud and hope that you understand what I am saying here. Who else thinks that he’s a total Carlito and Shad mix?!

Luke still irritates me but I know that he will make it all the way.

Jeremiah – come on dude! Been rooting for you since day one and think he still will make the best well rounded Tough Enough winner!

Off for my second workout of the day; this run is gonna be a b***h! Can’t wait to tackle it head on!!

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