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Jackie Haas is Tough Enough (Week 7): “Running with Wolves”

Former Tough Enough champion, Jackie Haas blogs on the new series of Tough Enough. Read her insight and opinion on the series every week exclusively here at Diva Dirt.

Another two bite the dust… well, soon to see about Christina. That truly sucks to put it plainly for Martin. Seems like he’s got the invite to come back anytime though to a WWE ring and sure, he will be back. Brought back a lot of memories yet again this week seeing the injuries and how much it really hit home. I guess that, looking back, I can be thankful that I was not forced to go home; even though told and suggested by the doctors. I was able to put blind faith in my trainers – mainly Al Snow – to help me work through an injury (and the rest of the cast that was remaining). It’s not easy to push through but the damage was already done to my knee and I could work around it, I would have to learn to work through it if I wanted to be in the WWE for some time. As Booker and Stone Cold stated, the show must go on no matter how you are feeling or what injury occurs.

It was really great to see at the very beginning of the show the one on one time that Trish took with Christina to really help her focus to keep her head in the game with all the guys. I’m hoping that the editing was done in the correct way for the preview for next week and that we just didn’t see her in the footage but that she walks back into the ring and continues the competition. A group of guys left come on Christina – ya have to represent!! Out of all the guys there, with this past week being “charisma” with the moves in the ring, she was the only one that actually put some pizazz to her work. I was really disappointed, alongside the trainers, to see the guys just walk through the moves… especially since the majority of them have been working for years on the indies.

Luke, I just want to punch through the TV every episode but then again, that’s what makes a great heel. When you just love to hate someone, that’s when you know that they have done a good job at being bad. And seeing that a WWE character is usually an extension of oneself, I guess he should just keep what he’s doing up and make his persona around it; hence why I agree with him winning the video game challenge. Jeremiah’s bashing by some of the trainers I’m not too sure was worthy or not, I would still like to see him win the competition. A.J. still needs to go in my opinion and sorry to those of you who responded to my last blog and wondered why I was such a “hater” of him. Well, for starters, I’m not a “hater” per se but come on, what else did he show this week after he knew he had to bring something / anything to draw attention to himself besides being a contribution to Christina’s injury. A big fat nothing. Sure, maybe he is better to see perform at a live show, how would I or any of the rest of the audience be able to gauge that though when he has shown us nothing of his charismatic performance level throughout this competition. I’m not doubting he can do the moves or have a fluid match but just as what this week was all about – creativity – there was nothing that made A.J. stand out of the crowd again this week; even when the Divas took them out for dinner. Jeremiah and Luke seemed to have fun and give the cameras something and this could have been A.J.’s chance to spice himself up but again, just a fly on the wall – just as big ol’ Andy.

I’d like to say thanks to all of you who have read and responded to my blogs and thanks to Diva Dirt for letting me voice my opinion; it’s going to get even more fun as the contest narrows down to the final 5 here – well hopefully five.

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