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Jazz reveals her proudest moment in wrestling

Former two-time WWE Women’s Champion Jazz was a recent guest on Terri RunnelsCigars, Scars and Superstars podcast to discuss her time with WWE, wrestling at four months pregnant and not knowing it, and shares her proudest wrestling moment. Highlights of the interview below.

Reaction to winning her first WWE Women’s Championship: My dream has finally come true. From the first day that I stepped into a wrestling ring to become a professional wrestler, I told myself then that I will one day be the WWF Women’s Champion. So that day, on February [4th] of 2002, that moment I looked up to the sky and I thanked God for giving me the talent, ability, the goal, and drive to bust my ass to become what you consider the best because when you’re the champion, you’re considered of being the best.

On becoming a Heel in WWE: When I went to WWF, the first thing they said was ‘You’re going to be a Heel.’ and I said ‘I’m going to be a who, a what?’ I never worked Heel. This was before my first house show match and I said ‘Okay, I’ll be a Heel’. So, I went out there, did what a Heel was supposed to do and when I walked back to the curtains, Arn Anderson looked at me and said ‘Kid, you’re going to be great. You are a crowbar’. I love it! It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I felt it was more of who I really was as far as being in the ring. When I was in ECW, I was a face but I worked [with] men, so I still came off as a badass. It was just a little more edginess to my character.

Wrestling four months pregnant: It’s funny, I was four months pregnant wrestling before I even knew I was pregnant. I was doing a tour in Canada pregnant the whole time and I’m going like ‘Man, my abs aren’t where they need to be right now. There’s like a knot, something doesn’t feel right.’ I finished the tour in Canada, came back home and felt something going on. My friends kept telling me ‘Jazz, you’re pregnant’. I’m like ‘No, I’m not pregnant’. I didn’t want to be pregnant at the time because TNA had just contacted me and I’m like ‘Okay, I’m about to be back on TV and do my thing.’. I went to the dollar store and bought like four pregnancy tests and each one of them came out saying I was pregnant. Terry Taylor called me and I said ‘Terry, I took four but I’m going to take two more and I’ll call you back.’ I took the two more and had to call Terry back and tell him ‘Yeah I’m pregnant but give me a year and I’ll be back and ready to rock and roll.’ Unfortunately, it took longer than that and decided I’d rather stay home and be a mom than being on the road.

Her proudest wrestling moment: WrestleMania 18. I went in as the WWE Women’s Champion and I walked out of the ring as the WWE Women’s Champion. So WrestleMania 18 is the biggest highlight of my career. Leading up to it, just knowing you’re going to be a part of that moment of that year, there are no words to explain it. It’s just an emotional feeling that you have inside and something you just cherish.

Jazz and Terri also discuss motherhood and preparation for May 19th for Overdrive Pro Wrestling where Jazz will take on Amber O’Neal.

You can listen to the full interview below:

What did you think of the interview? Would you like to have seen Jazz in TNA Impact Wrestling? What are some of your favorite Jazz moments?? Let us know in the comments below!

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