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Jim Ross Comments on Possibility of a Divas TV Show

WWE Hall of Famer, Jim Ross, commented on the possibility of a WWE Divas television show on his official website.

JR, who returned to Raw recently, wrote:

Possibility of a Diva’s TV show….wow…stranger things have occurred but it seems as if the Diva division is somewhat of an after thought, unfortunately, these days but I’d never say never on that idea. If it combined some in ring content with away from the ring material it might make for an interesting reality type TV show. The more I think about it the more I like the general concept.

Just this past week, Vince McMahon announced during an investors’ conference call that the company is looking to add an hour of programming on Monday nights before Raw.

Thoughts: A Divas TV show will likely always remain a distant dream, but it would certainly draw the same amount of eyeballs, if not more than, NXT or WWE Superstars. Honestly, I’d settle for WWE producing Divas-only specials a few times a year similar to how they had Saturday Night’s Main Event two-three times a year. It could even just go on, but that’d be a nice platform for the girls where you could build up matches on Raw and SmackDown and have them blow off on the special show with a Divas Title match as main event.

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