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Johnny Mundo defeats Sexy Star for Lucha Underground Championship

[media-credit name=”Lucha Undergorund” align=”alignnone” width=”620″]lu-star-v-mundo[/media-credit]

Tonight at Lucha Underground, Sexy Star’s reign as Lucha Underground Champion came to an end.

Sexy Star, who won the Lucha Underground Championship during last week’s Aztec Warfare, lost the title to Johnny Mundo after he cashed in his title opportunity by surrendering the Gift of the Gods title.

Before Sexy Star’s main event match against Johnny, The Mack visited Sexy backstage and offered to stand by her side at ringside. Though she appreciated the gesture, Sexy refused to have the Mack accompany her, citing that she needed to prove to everyone that her win last week was of no luck and that she deserved to be the Lucha Underground Champion.

Johnny attempted to win the match early on by wearing Sexy down with combination of submission holds and fast paced kicks.

Sexy managed to begin a comeback after dodging Johnny’s corner End of the World finisher – answering back at Johnny’s offense with multiple dropkicks, a back breaker and even a face crusher.

In the end, an out of the ring brawl would seal Sexy’s fate. Johnny’s partner in crime Taya was planted in the Lucha Underground crowd and knocked out Sexy with the use of brass knuckles. Johnny then tossed Sexy back in the ring, hit the End of the World for the three count and win the Lucha Underground title.

What did you think of the match?

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