Thursday, July 4, 2024

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Jordynne Grace Issues Another Open Challenge; Malisha Blindsides Spitfire

On this Independence Day edition of TNA Impact! Things get a bit chaotic as the Knockouts march towards Slammiversary in just two weeks.

To kickoff Knockouts action tonight the team of Spitfire, Dani Luna and Jody Threat, will go face-to-face in a 10-minute challenge per Lars Frederiksen.

The two lock up and are even throughout the entire match. Both continue to wrestle respectfully and engage in a test of chain wrestling. The team eventually realizes they can’t hold back anymore and Threat manages to take down Luna a few times, but Luna seemingly won’t go down without a fight. The two find themselves on the top rope and Luna sends them both crashing via Superplex, and follows up with a Falcon Arrow.

Unfortunately, the referee has to ring the time bell. But, the team wants to keep going until they reach a victor. Five more minutes are added to the match, but the Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Masha Slamovich and Alisha Edwards cut this match even shorter to send a statement.

Backstage, we catch a glimpse of PCO going haywire as he’s trying to bring Steph De Lander back to life after getting put through a table a couple of weeks ago.

Next in Knockouts action, we see an intergender tag-team match as Rebecca Hardy and Matt Hardy take on The System’s Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards. Both couples have been at each other’s throats since their debacle Against All Odds. This marks Reby’s first match in eight years.

Both women are playing possum in the beginning of the match, and let their men take over. The two finally get the tag in and the Hardys finally start to gain the advantage over the other team. However, Rebecca meets the interference of Eddie and the Edwards family takes over the matchup.

Matt manages to save Rebecca from this onslaught. The numbers gain slows down the Hardys, but Rebecca turns it around hitting thealowblow on Eddie. The husband and wife duo follow up with dual Twist Of Fates and pick up the win for tonight.

Lastly, we see TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace sending a message to Ash By Elegance before their title match at Slammiversary. While Ash is on vacation, Grace issues another open challenge for her title next week on Impact!

What did you think of tonight’s TNA Impact? Who can stand up to the dominance of Grace? And is Spitfire ready for the future ahead? Let us know in below!

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