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Jordynne Grace Reflects On NXT Battleground; Reby Hardy Haunts Alisha Edwards

It is the go-home show for TNA Impact! before Against All Odds tomorrow, and on tonight’s episode we have a bit of buildup before heading into the event.

To kick off the night one-half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Masha Slamovich is set to take on Marti Belle. Earlier this week, Slamovich wants a word with her tag team partner Alisha Edwards, but Edwards seems to be more focused on matters with The System. The Hex get involved and say that they’re team “would never,” but Slamovich has some choice words for them. 

Onto the match, Belle and Slamovich begin with a war of words and get caught in a bit of chain wrestling. Slamovich is fired up throughout the start but gets caught in the ropes for Allysin Kay to get involved. The numbers-gain proves to be too much as the team of Hex use their dirty tricks as Belle rolls up Slamovich for the win.

The Hex are now scheduled to challenge Slamovich and Edwards for the Knockouts World Tag Team Championships at Against All Odds.

Shortly, we see Xia Brookside and Steph De Lander backstage talking about PCO and his love note a few weeks ago. SDL tells Brookside that she’ll tell PCO how she truly feels come Against All Odds tomorrow. They’re shortly interrupted by Rich Swann and AJ Francis who snatches the black rose offering. But unknowingly PCO is following in tow.

Next in Knockouts action, the team of Spitfire looks to get back on track as Dani Luna is set to face off against Tasha Steelz.  The two lock-up and immediately Luna has the power advantage over Steelz, but Steelz looks to counter with her quickness and tenacity.

After the break, the competitors are both trading strikes and eventually meet each other in the middle. Luna attempts to go for the Luna Landing, but Steelz finds a way to get out of it. Steelz attempts to lock in a Crossface, but Luna plays smart and goes for the rope break. Luna then hits a Blue Thunder Bomb off the ropes to take Steelz off her feet.

Luna’s ring awareness gains her the advantage as she finds an opening to hit the Luna Landing and pick up the win.

Later, we see Alisha Edwards along with The System as they attempt to enter the Hardy Compound. Edwards is met with one “Queen Rebecca” Reby Hardy and her daughter. With the powers at be, we see Edwards getting caught in between a guillotine by the hands of Hardy. Despite the horrific scene, this all looks to be like a vision for The System.

For the third Knockouts match of the night, Jada Stone makes an appearance but is interrupted by George Iceman to bring out Ash By Elegance. Stone makes the most of her TV time, but is kicked out of the ring to make room for Ash. 

This past Sunday at WWE’s NXT Battleground, we are reminded that Ash made an appearance interrupting the NXT Championship match between Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez, along with Tatum Paxley.

Stone and Ash start the matchup, but Rosemary is seen up in the rafters keeping a close eye on this match.

Ash has an impressive start and the two make their way out to the ring, where Ash clocks her. Stone finds her opportunity for the moonsault but Ash manages to get her knees up. Ash goes airborne as well and hits her patented Rarified Air from the top rope to pick up the win.

Finally, we see Grace reflecting on her NXT Women’s Championship match on NXT Battleground. She is disappointed but is proud that she’s made history. She reminds every wrestling promotion out there that she’s issuing an open challenge for her TNA Knockouts Championship tomorrow at Against All Odds.

What did you think about tonight’s TNA Impact? How were the three Knockouts matches tonight? Can Slamovich and Edwards retain their titles? And who will challenge Jordynne Grace at Against All Odds? Let us know your predictions below!

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