JWoww Segment Bombs in Impact Ratings


Despite much mainstream hype, JWoww’s in-ring segment on TNA Impact bombed in the ratings, according to data from PWTorch.

The segment scored the lowest quarter hour ratings of the entire show at just 1.23. The episode averaged a 1.4.

Elsewhere, the Knockouts Championship match and Mickie James‘ second Impact appearance fared much better scoring a 1.42 in the quarter hour ratings, improving from the backstage segment involving Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter beforehand which scored a 1.41.

Thoughts: It’s incredibly disconcerting that the JWoww segment was the least watched portion of the show but I think there are several factors to consider here. Impact on a whole eroded viewers throughout the second hour, so it’s no surprise that the last quarter averaged the lowest ratings as they were already on a decline in the entire 10pm hour.

Additionally, much of the mainstream press that TNA had gotten from JWoww’s appearance mentioned that the show started at 9pm. The opening segment did an unusually high (well, for TNA anyway) 1.53 quarter hour rating, which is possibly due to non-wrestling fans tuning in to see JWoww because of the aforementioned mainstream press mentioning the 9pm start time.

Thirdly, TNA stupidly positioned the JWoww segment in the second hour opposite her own freakin’ show, Jersey Shore on MTV. I’m pretty sure fans of that show and JWoww would be more inclined to watch Jersey Shore than watch her for 5 minutes on a wrestling show. TNA has itself to blame for that, really. Even more stupidly, they specifically positioned this segment to go up against Jersey Shore as they had Robbie E mention in his promo that they were on at the same time. WTF?!

It should be noted that a 1.23 is better than what TNA usually averages. Still, this is not a good look for TNA especially as they shelled out $15,000 to bring JWoww in — but in a way, she did improve ratings, just not for her segment which in my opinion is TNA’s own fault. They mishandled the segment putting it up against Jersey Shore and it’s to their own detriment.