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Kaitlyn Comments on AJ Lee’s WWE Departure

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Former Divas Champion Kaitlyn recently caught up with to talk about AJ Lee‘s departure, her own post-WWE life and more.

Kaitlyn expressed her pride in AJ, saying she “100%” supports her decision to leave the WWE:

“AJ has this weird ability to accomplish anything that she visualizes. So when she worked her way up to the top, she stayed up there. No one has been like her, and no one will ever be like her. She really just felt like she had given everything that she needed to give to this sport in general, and taught people — especially the Divas — as much as she could. She had four amazing WrestleManias, and she made such an impact that she felt like she could walk away and be content with that. I 100 percent support that. She knew the time was right, and knew that she could walk away. She left big shoes to fill, but she helped everyone around her get better. I’m proud of everything that she did.”

She also credited AJ with being one of her mentors during her early days in the WWE:

“In the very beginning, obviously, Vickie Guerrero was my Pro during NXT, and she helped me a lot. But I will say that in the very beginning, when I was on the road after NXT, Beth Phoenix took me under her wing. She was amazing. She never had any ulterior motives, and she loved the business so much. She truly cared about what people were doing and wanted everyone to learn and get better. When I was by myself after that, it was AJ. She went from zero to 100 so fast and had learned so much. Wrestling was her passion since she was a little kid. It was great, because we were already great friends and traveling partners. So I had different mentors at different stages.”

When asked about her future, Kaitlyn talked about covering an upcoming issue of Iron Man Magazine and her laser-like focus on expanding her Celestial Bodiez brand:

“PJ and I just did a photo shoot for “Iron Man” Magazine, and we’re actually going to be on the cover of the May issue, with a huge spread on the inside about how we’ve gotten to where we are and how everything was built, and also our relationship. It’s awesome, because I’ve been in WWE Magazine, which was a huge honor, but I’ve never been on the cover of anything. And my husband has been in countless fitness magazines, but he’s never been on a cover either. So for us to be on a cover together, about our life, our style and our companies together, I’m so thrilled.

For me right now, because Celestial Bodiez is still in its infancy, I’m completely focused on it. I just want to expand as much as possible and have new concepts still based all around the Booty Scrunch, but just to build that brand. I want everyone to know that brand, know the logo and know what Booty Scrunch is; that is my goal.”

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What’s your favorite AJ/Kaitlyn moment?

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