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Kasey Owens discusses her title defense against Laurel Van Ness at ‘Ambition of an Empire 2’

On September 3rd, at British Empire Wrestling’s ‘Ambition of an Empire 2’, Women’s champion Kasey Owens will defend her title against GFW’s Laurel Van Ness. And the pressure is definitely on for this heated contest.

Ahead of this Sunday’s event, Diva Dirt sat down with the Women’s champion to discuss her thoughts on the contest. We also managed to speak about her dream matches, her favorite moment in BEW, the importance of women’s wrestling and more. The interview can be seen below:

The BEW Women’s championship has been held by talent such as Nixon Newell and the Mae Young Classic’s Toni Storm. What does it mean to carry this title after women such as these?

“It is a great honour to hold any title as it’s a lot to go to. The fact management are investing in someone they believe represents their company to a great standard – I am truly humbled at the success I have had recently and cannot thank BEW enough for believing in me – that I can fly the flag for them after 2 out of the 4 greatest women’s wrestlers I know personally have held this championship. It means a lot.”

You made your impact at BEW back in 2014. Since then you’ve become the Women’s champion and had stellar matches with Toni Storm, Katarina Waters and more. Aside from winning the championship, what has been your biggest highlight?

“My biggest highlight in BEW is being able to wrestle Jetta. I hope to wrestle her again in the future. I was so nervous going into that match with her as I love her style and the way she works. Next time, here’s hoping that we go a little longer than our first round match.”

With your upcoming match this Sunday against Laurel Van Ness, what can the audience and Ness expect from you?

“BEW fans can expect myself and LVN to put on a great entertaining match. Ive met LVN before during our tag tournament tour in Stardom last year. She’s a great person and a great worker. So I am looking forward to this one a lot.”

Every successful wrestler brings something unique to the table. For those that aren’t aware of Kasey Owens, what is it that makes her stick out from the crowd?

“I think its the fact I am a little off the wall. Naturally I am a bit of an odd ball and I can admit that. So when it comes to wrestling I can be a bit unpredictable. I can be serious when the time comes, other times I can be enjoying myself as you can probably see from a little smirk every now and again, so I think that helps me stick out. Unpredictability.”

Do you feel that being in the industry with your twin, Leah Owens, has any extra impact on your career? What do you feel are the pros and cons, if any, of that?

“Initially it helped a lot as it got us featured on EVE and Fierce Females and so on. Unfortunately not enough female tag teams were out there at the time. So Leah and I are currently focusing on singles stuff, but when the times arise, of course we are going to tag again. It’s a lot of fun.”

With women being featured in more wrestling content as time goes on, what do you think the importance of female representation is?

“I believe it’s very important to remind a lot of people out there that women’s wrestling has always been about. So for it to have taken this long for the great female wrestlers out there to be recognised and represented is a sin. It’s amazing now with the likes of the Mae Young Classic that the wider audience is now realising that womens wrestling is full of hard working wrestlers that deserve more respect and recognition. So the platform provided by BEW, Stardom, Shine, SHIMMER etc is not in vain but places where women can showcase our abilities.”

Which wrestlers would you want to compete against in the future, and why?

“Nixon Newell – I never actually got the chance to have a singles match with her, and I think she’s just awesome!

Alex Windsor – She offers some great heel work, and I would learn a lot from her in that sense.

Asuka – She’s a badass and would take me to my limit!

Becky lynch – Always wanted to compete against Lynch when I started training in Ireland, but I never got the chance to.”

If you could book your one dream match, who would it be against and what would the stipulation be?

“If I could book my dream match it would have to be an Intergender Singles 30 minute time limit Ironman/woman vs Eddie Guerrero! He was just amazing in everything he did. Technically, he was world class and could out wrestle the best of them – and he would always push the boundaries. But since he’s obviously not with us anymore, then I think it might have to be a Falls Count Anywhere vs Cheerleader Melissa!”

As a long-term member of British Empire Wrestling, what significance has the company had on your career?

“BEW has had a great significance on my career. Wrestling wise, they’ve given me chance after chance to wrestle so many different people, so I’ve been able to learn a lot in a short period of time.

So for them to entrust me with their Championship, that helps me believe all the hard work I’ve done over the years is paying off.”

On top of Laurel vs Kasey, other women that the show will also feature include:

Kaitlin Diemond and Thunder Rosa vs Nina Samuels and Jamie Hayter.

Kat Von Kaige vs Jewells Malone in an ‘I Quit’ contest.

If you’d like to get your hands on some tickets, there are still some available right here.

British Empire Wrestling’s ‘Ambition of the Empire 2’ takes place Sunday, September 3rd from 1pm – 3:30pm!

Who do you think will walk out victorious? Which match are you most excited for? Let us know your views in the comments below!

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