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Katelyn Reports on WrestleMania 28: Live Report from ‘Mania Week in Miami

Diva Dirt’s Katelyn files this report from WrestleMania week in Miami last week:

G’day everyone! I don’t know if you all have noticed, but I haven’t made many posts on Diva Dirt lately. If you have been wondering where I’ve been, the reason for my absence is that I have been on vacation in the United States since the 14th of March. My travels have taken me from Australia to all over New York, Philadelphia, Orlando and, most recently, Miami. I haven’t been overseas since 2010 when I went to Japan (I was supposed to return last year but the unfortunate natural disasters in March forced me to cancel my trip) so this was a long awaited and well deserved holiday.

My blog probably won’t be as interesting as Cryssi’s or Bobby’s have been but I’ve also been lucky enough to see and do some amazing things during my time here in America. In New York, I experienced a case of good timing and happened to be in town when a WWE house show was being held at the Madison Square Garden. Going to a show at the Garden is like bucket list material for many wrestling fans, so of course I had to go! It was awesome. For all those Diva fans out there, Beth Phoenix and Natalya beat Kelly Kelly and Tamina after interference from Eve. Vickie Guerrero and Rosa Mendes also made appearances managing their respective clients and/or tag teams. I unfortunately don’t have photos from this event as my camera decided to die right before intermission.

View at Hall of Fame
After New York and Philadelphia, I headed to Orlando, where I’ve been for the past two weeks. As I write this, I’m watching the post-WrestleMania Raw at my condo after returning from being in attendance AT WrestleMania this past weekend. And, holy crap, Brock Lesnar!!

Sadly, I didn’t spend that much time in Miami – my friend and I flew in on Saturday morning. After dumping our bags at the hotel, we attempted to pick up our Hall of Fame tickets at the American Airlines Arena, only to be told we could not until 12pm. Ridiculous, but we headed to Bayside Marketplace to pass the time. My fellow Diva Dirt writer, Cryssi, and I had been texting back and forth since I arrived that morning and she mentioned that she actually wasn’t that far away! She and her friend Ashley ended up coming to Bayside earlier than they had planned, I believe, so we decided to meet up. I must take the time to mention that they were both lovely people. They are super nice and hilarious and both have adorable accents – way better than mine! :)

While walking around and browsing the shops, Cryssi spotted Shannon Moore strolling around by himself and pointed this out to us. I guess she said this louder than intended because Shannon turned around and gave us a strange look before walking off.

It started absolutely pouring with rain really randomly and out of nowhere, so we got a move on to the arena where some awesome driving skills and maneuvering around cones took place and I had to do a classy jump over a fence in the rain when I realized I was in the ticket sales line and not the will call one.

The Hall of Fame itself was fantastic though (and so were all our outfits if I may brag a little…). If you weren’t there in person, you definitely missed out. My favorite moments included JBL’s induction of Ron Simmons (and Simmons’ subsequent speech), Mike Tyson rambling, and, of course, anything involving Christian and Edge. Edge was absolutely the main event of the HOF and gave a speech that probably went at least thirty minutes or more but it was well worth it. People have questioned his induction so early after retirement but I think it was a deserved nomination – Edge has given so much of himself to the company and made himself into one of their biggest stars while doing it.

Overall, it was a pretty long ceremony and after hanging around afterwards to catch up with some of our Australian friends from back home, I didn’t end up in bed until about 1 or 2am. Boooooooooo. I had to get some sleep though – Sunday was WrestleMania day!!!

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