Saturday, September 23, 2023

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Kay Lee Ray continues her historic NXT UK title reign

Kay Lee Ray is still your history-making and longest-reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion. On this week’s NXT UK, the “Scary Queen of Scots” successfully retained the title against the “Fashionista” Jinny.

The match was fierce and fiery from the start with both competitors allowing emotions to override technique. Jinny took advantage of Ray when she missed a top rope manoeuvre and awkwardly landed on her knee.

The “Fashionista” seemingly had the match won, but the referee caught her overzealous assistant, Joseph Conners attempting to hold Ray’s feet during the pin and ousted him from ringside.

The chaos allowed the champ to hit the Gory Bomb for the win and continue her 500+ day title reign.

Throughout the match, the camera saw multiple members of the NXT UK women’s division watching the action from the video boards at ringside. Who will step up next to challenge this seemingly unbeatable champion, Key Lee Ray?

What do you make of Kay Lee Ray retaining and who do you think will be her next challenger? Let us know in the comments below.

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