Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Kay Lee Ray gets high praise from WWE Hall of Famer

The longest-reigning women’s champion in modern WWE history, Kay Lee Ray received some high praise from WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. In the recent interview with Inside the Ropes, HBK had nothing but great things to say about the NXT UK Women’s Champion.

“Kay Lee Ray. She, to me, is probably the greatest… I think, you know, NXT UK Women’s Champion, but she’s just now… She’s the best kept secret. If she ever chooses to come over and come to America, and be part of the WWE from a global standpoint, I see her having the exact same kind of success that Drew has had. She is very, very good and she has done unbelievable work for us over in the UK and I couldn’t be more proud of her because she is an absolutely fantastic young lady.”

Kay Lee Ray is no stranger to American audiences. In 2019 she was a surpirse addition to Team Baszler in the first-ever women’s WarGames match. Back in the UK the “Scary Queen of Scots” is breaking records, making history and defeating legends. Earlier this year Ray became the longest-running NXT UK women’s champion as well as the longest-tenured women’s champion in decades.

Recently Kay Lee Ray defeated Japanese wrestling legend, Meiko Satomura in a tremendous battle, which solidified her as one the best female wrestlers in the world.

Thanks for Inside the Ropes for the transcript.

What do you make of Shawn Michaels’ comments? Would you like to see Kay Lee Ray stateside? Sound off in the comments below.

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