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Kelani Jordan Retains Against Michin in First Women’s North American Title Defense!

Hey everybody! Phonie is back after missing Raw from this past Monday! It was a great episode too and the live chat looked like a blast. For anyone on the fence about joining in, please feel free to introduce yourself and participate! It might seem intimidating but we’re a fun and welcoming bunch. Anyways, onto NXT!  

First piece of content is a backstage segment where Fallon Henley has a bone to pick with Carlee Bright, who wants a shot at the Women’s North American Title. Fallon argues that if anyone deserves a title opportunity, it’s her. Carlee retorts that Fallon failed to deliver at Battleground setting up a match for later tonight! 

Another backstage segment with Roxanne Perez setting the tone with Lola letting her know who the champion of this division is. Lola’s all about her and steps to Roxanne, asking if she can handle the pressure. Roxanne, brushes off Lola and tells her to stay focused on the match tonight. 

Roxanne Perez & Lola Vice vs. Jakara Jackson & Lash Legend vs. Jacy Jayne & Jazmyn Nyx

Loving that NXT is trying up different match types, I remember we had a triple threat women’s tag team title match during the pandemic era I really enjoyed. Great seeing it brought back here! It’s a good work around the fact that this match is full of heels too. At one point Roxanne and Jacy try to double team Lash but Legend really is just that and dominates both women with her impressive power. Super fun match! Another fun spot when Lola gets into her version of Brie Mode on Jazmyn & Jakara only for Jacy to blindside Vice for a nearfall. End of the match comes after a fun waterfall spot with Jakara turning around to a spinning back whiff by Lola. Roxanne tags herself in preventing Vice from gaining the victory but ultimately scoring the win for her team. Perez hits a spinning back fist of her own on Lola to the gut post match.  

Winners: Roxanne & Lola

Sol Ruca gives Kelani some words of encouragement before our first Women’s North American Title defense! This is at the end of a walk to the ring that had Kelani surrounded by the women’s locker room all eyeing up her title.

NXT Women’s North American Title Match: Kelani Jordan vs. Michin

Handshake starts the bout and both performers following through with a squeaky clean opening sequence. To counteract the heel vs. heel trios match now we have a face vs. face one, not mad about it! Eventually we see the veteran Michin start showing Jordan the ropes so to speak, gaining the upper hand via experience as the Good Brothers watch on at ringside. I think this match achieved what they set out to do, Michin pretty much had a response to everything Jordan threw at her in the ring, but Kelani showed off her heart and fighting spirit. A high point of the match had Kelani pull out a really good looking poisonrana for a near fall. Before it felt like the match could get into that next gear, Jaida Parker attacks Michin while the ref is distracted allowing Kelani to hit the split legged moonsault for the win!

Winner: Kelani Jordan

Izzi Dame vignette, I can behind her new catchphrase of NARP (Non-Athletic Regular People) and Izzi the Great Dame. 

Fallon Henley vs. Carlee Bright w/ Kendal Gray

Carly is a burst of energy starting out the match, hitting a flurry of offense against Henley. You can really see the Kelly Kelly inspiration on display here from Bright. I feel like Fallon should’ve dominated more of the bout since she’s coming off a heel turn. Henley did debut some new gear though, really amping up the cowgirl aesthetic. She also hit a really cool pumphandle cradle back suplex which should’ve ended the match. Kendal is there too, not super familiar with her so hopefully we get to flesh out who she is other than the chick who got taken out by Wendy Choo who puts her to sleep. This doesn’t distract the still shining Bright but Fallon hits the aforementioned back suplex into the shining wizard for the win. 

Winner: Fallon Henley 

Backstage segment with General Manager Ava congratulating Kelani on her first title defense with Jordan stating Sol Ruca should be her next challenger. Arianna Grace takes umbrage with this and has a brief exchange with the pair leading up to a match next week, Sol Ruca vs. Arianna Grace. Follow up segment from there with Fallon, Jacy & Jazmyn airing out their frustrations with the way things are being run in NXT. Whatever get’s these three a story I’m down for!

Overall a pretty good show last night from NXT. We’re just coming off a major high from Battleground so this was more of a foundational episode to set up storylines. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts and hope to see more of you in the live chats!  

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