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Kelly Kelly Talks Her Dancing Debut, the Origin of Her Ring Name & More

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WAGS star and former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly was recently a guest on the Stone Cold Podcast, where she discussed a variety of topics including the bizarre origins of her “exhibitionist” character in ECW.

On the gimmick, which had her strip nearly naked in front of the crowd, Kelly revealed that none other than Vince McMahon helped demonstrate the signature dance:

“My first day I was in Vince’s office and he’s like, ‘I have this whole idea. I have this whole plan for the dance I want you to do.’ So he showed me this whole dance. I was dying because I was like 19 years old and watching Vince McMahon and WWE for my whole life and now I’m sitting here with Vince McMahon and you’re showing me how to dance. It was the funniest.”

Kelly also answered the question that has been on Diva fans’ minds since her debut: where exactly did her name come from?:

“I guess there’s a Cheers episode where one of the guys is singing about the girl and the song is like, ‘Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly’, so that’s what I’ve always heard.”

Her first months in the company weren’t a breeze, though, as she revealed that she and fellow Diva Alicia Fox weren’t respected by the more seasoned wrestlers:

“The guys were pretty rough because the guys had been there for a long time, the ones who had growing up wanted to wrestle for WWE for their whole lives and they had been working their whole lives to be here, and they see me and Alicia Fox come in as these models, so we definitely got not the best treatment from the guys – they definitely gave us a hard time, so that was rough too.”

You can listen to the full episode on PodcastOne and read a partial transcript on Wrestling Inc.

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