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Lacey Evans continues to try and get a leg up on her competition in order to win MITB

Lacey Evans defeated Sasha Banks to qualify for the upcoming Money in the Bank Ladder Match and since then she has been doing her homework. She has deployed certain phases to try and get an advantage on her competition. Let’s do a quick recap of what she has done starting with Phase 1.

In Phase 1 she shows herself training going up and down ladders. This way she is prepared to kick all of the nasties out of her way.

Her second phase shows her examining the blueprints of the WWE Headquarters where the MITB match is taking place. She also analyzes her opponents strengths and weaknesses.

The newest and third phase (Phase 3) has now been unveiled, and that is, to get into the building. Her goal was to get in and set bootstraps. Unfortunately, this execution didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped.

She tried to get in the building first with her charm suggesting doing a tour. When that failed she tried to provide a dozen fresh eggs. Lastly, as a pizza delivery girl, she tried to deliver some pizzas before crawling her way towards the door prior to getting caught. You can view all of this in the tweets below.

She has failed her current mission. Will she have better luck heading into the MITB match? Leave your thoughts on Lacey’s preparations in the comment section below.

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