Monday, October 2, 2023

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Lacey Evans secures her spot in the MITB Ladder Match

The Sassy Southern Belle came out of a hard fought victory as she defeated Sasha Banks on SmackDown. Banks and SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley started with their mind games to Lacey Evans before the match even started. They made their way down to the ring with a homemade fan that featured a picture of Evans’ daughter, Summer, on a stick.

As the bell rang, Evans was distracted by Bayley which allowed Banks to get the upper hand fast. The Boss would focus for a short time on Evans’ right hand to apply injury to prevent a potential Woman’s Right that is inevitable.

After some offense from Evans, Banks would focus back on that right hand and apply many kicks to it as it is wedged between her boot and the middle turnbuckle. She capitalized by applying the Bank Statement after a quick stacked up two count. Evans is able to get out of the submission by Banks and get a quick near fall of her own.

Out of nowhere (thanks Michael Cole), Evans hits a Woman’s Right on Banks but she is by the ropes. At the count of two, Bayley made sure her best friend’s foot was on the rope to break the count. That was enough for Evans to snap and attack Bayley bringing her into the ring and grabbing the picture of her daughter that the champion had been waving at ringside.

While the referee was distracted with Bayley, trying to get her out of the ring, Banks had stacked up Evans for at least a five count. The official didn’t see it. Evans was able to kick out. Banks started arguing with Bayley and Evans took advantage of this by delivering another Woman’s Right to pick up the pin and the win to advance.

This will be the first time Evans will be in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match. At least year’s event she faced Becky Lynch for the RAW Women’s Championship in a losing effort.

After the match, Tamina super kicked Bayley on the stage to send a message to her opponent at MITB.

What are your thoughts on Lacey Evans advancing? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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